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  1. hey all! just a quick question, if i update my modules, will my css customizations on those modules will also be overwritten? thanks!
  2. hey weelh1! i received an email notification of your reply but i see nothing here? did you deleted it or something?
  3. hi weelh1! thanks! i had the tab name sorted out. now i think i only need to know how to display the products the way featured, and new arrivals are presented. any idea how?
  4. hi Vekia! okay i finally got rid of the error but this message is appearing on the tabs area No template found for module blockspecials and then this block appears below what did i do wrong this time? sorry for the trouble
  5. so.. how can i do it in Prestashop's default invoice?
  6. hey tuk66! i added the code in the invoice.tpl file and i get this error.. Fatal error: Cannot use object of type Order as array in /var/www/prestaPOL/cache/smarty/compile/0a/91/88/0a91888840fb207b1dfcd292f779d2279e109643.file.invoice.tpl.php on line 272 and this is where i injected the code.. <!-- PRODUCTS --> {foreach $order_details as $order_detail} {cycle values='#FFF,#DDD' assign=bgcolor} {assign var="features" value=Product::getFrontFeaturesStatic($conf.pdf_id_lang, $order[orders].order_detail[detail].product_id)} {* {$features|@debug_print_var} *} {section name=feature loop=$features} {* use the first or second style *} {$features[feature].value}{if !$smarty.section.feature.last} x {/if} {* {$features[feature].name}: {$features[feature].value}{if !$smarty.section.feature.last}, {/if} *} {/section} <tr style="line-height:4px;background-color:{$bgcolor};"> <td style="text-align: left; width: {if !$tax_excluded_display}75%{else}71%{/if}" colspan=2>{$order_detail.product_name}</td> <!--<td style="text-align: left; width: {if !$tax_excluded_display}61%{else}71%{/if}">{$order_detail.product_name}{if isset($order_detail.product_reference) && !empty($order_detail.product_reference)} ({l s='SKU:' pdf='true'} {$order_detail.product_reference}){/if}</td>--> <td style="text-align: right; width: 10%; white-space: nowrap;"> {if $tax_excluded_display} {displayPrice currency=$order->id_currency price=$order_detail.unit_price_tax_excl} {else} {displayPrice currency=$order->id_currency price=$order_detail.unit_price_tax_incl} {/if} </td> <td style="text-align: center; width: 5%">{$order_detail.product_quantity}</td> <td style="text-align: right; width: {if !$tax_excluded_display}10%{else}20%{/if}; white-space: nowrap;"> {if $tax_excluded_display} {displayPrice currency=$order->id_currency price=$order_detail.total_price_tax_excl} {else} {displayPrice currency=$order->id_currency price=$order_detail.total_price_tax_incl} {/if} </td> </tr>
  7. hmm.. but it appears to me like this.. i'm using Features. not Attributes. will there be any difference? you mean Features can't appear on Invoice?
  8. hi tuk66! what do you mean by combined and stored in the order? but what i meant is, see image below. the weight and pack size, i want them to include at the end of the product description in Invoice and Delivery Slip pdf. i want it to show like "TRIPLE-M GIANT SHEET SEAWEED (ORIGINAL) 6Gx10S"
  9. thanks Vekia! i have increased it and it's all not showing anymore. however, my main category banner is also gone i want to remain the main category's banner. is this possible? thanks Vekia
  10. well i can always try.. i know some basics.. i can be very patient.. i just need this done
  11. hey Nemo1! your suggestion looks good. however, i don't speak PHP. lol! so i have no idea how to do what you are saying
  12. i think i'm almost there. only a few changes left only. i think it's only a template tweak. but i don't know where to start.
  13. hi Nemo1! i wanted to follow your tutorial with adding a field in Customer fields. however, i'm not quite sure what to change in identity.tpl and authentication.tpl, as well as order-opc-new-account.tpl. a little help will be very much appreciated thank you
  14. hi again. anyone here have tried or knows how to display the features in the product list in the back office? thanks
  15. hi all! anyone here how to display product features in Invoice and in Delivery Slip PDFs? thanks in advance
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