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  1. Thanks a lot Gabi and sorry for the incomplete description of the issue. I will try clearing the cache and get back with the answer - hopefully it will do the trick (is there any risk if i clear the cache?) Yes it appears for every order. Can you please guide me where to find the 'ps_order_carrier' ? All the best!
  2. Hello my friends, Untill today everything was ok but today i notticed the following bug. In the past - 2 months ago- when i installed my presta i created a carrier for test purposes. I then deleted it and added the real one that i am still using today. Everything goes ok with my new carrier appearing through the order validation and bills. The PROBLEM appears when the customer acceses "order history" and clicks on "details" - when the order opens next to the normal carrier, appears also the old one that i deleted months ago (added print screen for better understanding). Of course this is ruining all thing as many of the customers are asking us what is happening. Please i would realy appreciate any help! All the best!
  3. Hello Vekia, Thank you very much for your effort! I will proceed as you stated. All the best mate!
  4. Hey Vekia, Thank you for your time. 1. All my products are associated with Home category (as i stated the changes i make are visible ONLY after i make a small modification to a product or add a new product - strange but true). 2. How shoul i clear the cache exactly - i am afraid not to delete something that could make me cry after . All the best my friend!
  5. Hello friends, I just tryed to change the order in which the featured products are shown and i had a nasty surprise. On top of the fact that whatever i do the products shown in featured box are in the same order and the same i noticed that now if i change the number of products shown from the featured products module the changes does not appear in my shop. I also figured out that once i make a modification to one of my products or introduce a new one all changes appear on site as they should. Do you have any idea why is necessary to modify/add prod in order for the featured products number shown to be as i configured it from module options and for the order of them to be shown as i settled it? Is there any correlation between these actions or is just a nasty bug? Thank you in advance for support!
  6. Hello all, I have set the currency for my shop in "LEI" (my local currency). I disabled all localization features. I deleted the USD currency. The issue is the following: if i open ,y shop in Internet Explorer the prices are shown correctly in LEI but if i open The shop in Mozilla all prices are shown in USD. I simply can't understand why is this happening. Please help if you have any idea. All the best!
  7. Thanks Vekia - it didn't workes but i edited them directly from Cpanel modules-themes-email All the best!
  8. Hello all, As i have an issue related to mixed translations in emails i wanted to edit my email translations from BO. Unfortunately i am not able to do so as long as this error appears " No subject found for processing or it might be generated automatically form the database". Any idea what can i do? On top of this if i try to edit the html translations under this error after i save the whole text dissappears. Thanks!
  9. Solved - i duplicated the "ro" folder and rename it to "en" - job done Thanks anyhow for being here!
  10. Hi all, After i changed some translations for my local language "RO" it seems that all english email templates from /home/my domain name/public_html/themes/default/mails/en/ (in fact the whole folder "en") is missing . I am doomed - can anyone help me understand what i did and what can i do to fix this issue? Thank you all!
  11. Thank you vekia, I am afraid that in that translation folder "mail translations" i can't find all emails sent (for example can't find the one sent when it says "we are processing your order e.t.c"), but maybe i am doing something wrong All the best
  12. Hello all, Can you pelase point me to the exact path to the location of the emails sent to the customer (i have mixed translations and i want to correct this). Thanks folks!
  13. Thank you all for your support - the issue is solved - i changes the translations and instead of 5removing them i converted them in something i wanted to appear . I know is a foolish way but as long as it serves my need is ok. All the best!
  14. Hello all, I am desperate by now. I am trying for 1 week to solve this issue. I need to remove the shipping from prestashop (shopping cart from up right and from order processing step 4). It is absolutely necessary to do so as i am not able to estimate the shipping cost for all locations in my country. I have to mention that for the order processing step 4 it is not necessary to remove the step but to appear a text like " shipping accordingly to courier fees and the link to couriers site". I added also screen shoots with what i need to do. All the best!
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