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  1. I have some strange issues with paypal actually, I hava a business account: - when I use sandbox account the oreder submitted successfully, but with live mode no order in prestashop or paypal. - in my android mobile I have option to pay without paypal account, but in my laptop I couldn't found this option. then what's wrong, I really trouble with this problem. any feedback please........ thanx alot
  2. How to provide others with RSS URL to add it to their resources ?? How to benifit from RSS.. please help me: with any demo or images.. thanx alot
  3. I have no problem with url of rss, but I don't know alot about feature of rss in general, so: - what I have to see on my shop, could you attach images for demo please ?? - TM Social : could add follow us : rss: what the url that I have to add then?? - any other useful hint please help me to benifit from this service. thanx alot
  4. what do you mean PayPal integration plugin for processing payment?? and how please ??
  5. really unfortunatly.. :-( because we paid for this module without realizing for this point!! I hope if I could edit anything in the module to improve this disadvantage... :-( :-( I tried alot to convert swf to fla.. but all apps not success to full decompile.. if anyone has any suggession to help me .. I will appreciate that for him. thanx advance.
  6. Can I get copy of player.swf as player.fla I need to configure more options I need to make the player to save option of the visitor if he pauses the audio player when postback page to not work again.. any one can help me please ??
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