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  1. I have also the standard query for the products but i want a query that exports all the columns from the products and not 10-15 that the default query did . I want to export all in csv and be able to import them updated Do you have any query that does that?
  2. Παιδια να Googlaroume και λίγο.. ειναι module της PHP https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-ioncube-loader
  3. Module blockcontactinfos has the Translate button under the fields, but fields does not have the selection button in order to put separate text for every language so if you change the language in the frond end Store Information are the same
  4. vekia i am talking about the fields in back office, in all other fields in modules you can select the translation between languages but not in this one... thanks I am using 2 languages, so in the field "Store Information" i cant translate it to other languages. I don't have the ability to separate the information in languages i use in my case Greek and English like in other modules
  5. I want also to ask, is it possible to translate the "contact information block" ?
  6. Λοιπόν παιδιά, Εγώ αγόρασα από εδώ www.webit.bz το module για την EUROBANK το έβαλα και δούλεψε με την πρώτη! Το μόνο που χρειάστηκε να κάνω install είναι το module της PHP ionCube γιατί είναι κωδικοποιημένος ο κώδικας του module. (είναι πολύ γνωστό κάντε ένα Google search) Χρειάστηκε να τον πάρω και τηλέφωνο και είναι εδώ Ελλάδα και εξυπηρετικότατος. Ελπίζω να βοήθησα
  7. Μπορείς να μας πεις πώς το έλυσες τελικά? Έχει φτιάξει ο OscHellas κάποιο module? Έχω eurobank μπορεί να βοηθήσει?
  8. I think you are looking for "how to edit horizontal menu" ? If so then 1) Login to your Prestashop Admin 2) Click on the MODULES section in the main menu 3) Search for "top horizontal menu" and you should see that it's installed (if not, you can easily install it) 4) Click on CONFIGURE when you see the module and here you can choose to add or remove your different menu headers (including HOME).
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