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  1. I solve this by this way at the end. I create special order status, to with I assigned information email and use modules Payment2Carriers to restrict payment methods to each carrier and Universal payment module to create payment method, with has set as default order status, with I created before.
  2. In confirmation mail is name of carrier only, but I write example, why and what I want to achieve I have for example central warehouse in Brno, from with we send all webstore orders and we have classic store in Prague, where customers could pick up their orders (after we send them there from Brno and receive it in Prague), store in Praque are not ours, just friendly store, with who we cooperate, so customer can't go 5 minutes after order pick up goods (with is not there), but he must wait for example 2 days. I know, that many customers doesn't read any information (many times we have personal pick up from customers from another side of country and when we call them few days later, they are supprised, what they choose...), so I want to send them imediately after they do order email, where will be explain all things, that goods will be ready at branch day later or something like that. We cooperate with several these stores, each has different opening hours, somewhere you can pay via credit card, somewhere not, so I need somehow achieve, that if he chooses carrier "Pick Up in Prague", he receive email about pick up in Prague, if he choose "DHL carrier", then he received information about DHL. It should be send in same time together with Order Confirmation email, but separate. In Order Messages I can't set any condition, if I put in one mail information about all carriers and pick up stores, no one will read it Or maybe You or someone could advice me, how to set to each carrier individual starting order status, to with I can define emails. Thx
  3. Hello, I ask for your advice: I have several carriers, some have their own modules, some not and for these I need to send customers email about informations, that goods will be ready to pick up after 2 days or something like that. I mean, that customer received standard email like order information, bank transfer information and another email with carrier information. But I don't know, how to achieve that, could you help me please Thank you
  4. Hello, I have theme, with is mostly default-bootstrap theme, I have in store some product packs, where included products are showed in a grid (because some products have very short description, collumns have diferent sizes and collumns, with are not fit first line shows badly), but I want to achieve to showing them as a list, like when I swith in product list to "list". Because product.tpl includes whole product-list.tpl for these packing, in could be simply changed by setting some variable for AJAX or something like that, but with this I have no experience, so could someone help me with that. I'm running on Thank you
  5. Please don't tell me, that no one know. I'm sure, that I'm not the only one, who need to solve it. Or where could I find variable, with includes total price for all products including VAT, with then goes to database and all emails ?
  6. zdravím, Jistě už někteří z Vás řešili problém, když jsou procentuální slevy (slevové kódy a skupinové slevy) a nemáte nastavené zobrazování desetiných míst, že presta na pozadí počítá s nezobrazenými desetinkami a výsledné částky z pohledu zákazníka nesedí řádově o jednotky korun a prostě najdou se zákazníci, kteří na tu z jejich pohledu chybnou matematiku dost prkají (+ to zdržuje i na fakturaci při kontrole)... Vím, že tohle by se dalo pořešit tím, že bych nastavil zobrazení desetiných míst, osobně s tím nemám problém a na druhém eshopu to mám, ale jak na potvoru, zákazníci opět dělají problém, tentokrát pro účetnictví. Zákazník dostane výslednou cenu XXX,71 Kč a pokud má platbu předem, on to nezaokrouhlí sám, ale zaplatí XXX,71 Kč, jelikžo účetní program automaticky zaokrouhluje, účetní mi prská, že částky ji nesedí... Nepovedlo se to někomu z Vás nějak elegantně vyřešit, aby se zaokrouhlila jen konečná částka na celé číslo ? Jedu na Prestě Děkuji
  7. hello, I have webstore ( in CZK, where we have no decimals in prices, but we use sometimes discount codes and groups with discounts in percents. But these discount make me mess in calculation to customer, for example: I have product with price 80 CZK, customer has discount 3% for larger amount and he order 6ps. System works with price 77,6 CZK, customer see 78 CZK per ps. System tell him, that he should pay 466 CZK (rounded 465,6), but from data, what he see he should pay 468 CZK. It is diference only 2 CZK, but it doesn't look good from customers point of view. It could resolve this problem showing decimals, but this add me another more bigger problem, how to solve rounding of total price (products + shipping). Customer for example can transfer decimals with bank transfer, but at invocie we can't have decimals and it could cause problem, that total price (we don't use invoices from Presta) at our invoice doesn't match with price from bank transfer. So for my problem are posible 2 solution, I need every price as integer or from my point of view much easier could be only final price (with shipping, discounts and other fees) as integer. Thank you for helping me
  8. dioniz: unfortunately !important doesn't work, still overwrited by inline css fred-vinapresta: This <div> is generated by javascript or something like that, in tpl files I didn't found anything with similar code (in modules and in theme > modules)
  9. hello, I have problem with a width of quick search (I mean offered results, when you type to seach box), I have set to CSS class .ac_results width 261px, but in code in div is set style="width: 66px", with override my width in CSS file. (screenshot with source in attachment for better understanding) I edit default theme in version of Prestashop (clean instalation without editation, only with loaded database), in theme files I didn't find any code, with can cause this (but maybe I look badly), where can I find code, with is causing this in-line CSS ? Search box is written, that in default it has width 66px, on focus 261 px and I need results with 261px width. thank you Screenshot http://oi58.tinypic.com/ehkw37.jpg
  10. Hello, I need to edit invoice_addess , I need to add some labels before some text like Phone, dni, vat etc. On example: Company Name Name Surname ... PHONE nr.: 123456789 DNI: 987654321 VAT: XX147258369 Is there any solution how to achieve that (not in Countries at backoffice... that is not what I mean), like using varriables etc ? If it is not posible to solve this only for invoice, I haven't got problem, if the solution affects addresses in emails etc. Thank you in advance
  11. hello, I need to move customer's message in order process from step 3 to step 4, where he choosing carriers . {if !$opc} <div id="ordermsg"> <p>{l s='If you would like to add a comment about your order, please write it below.'}</p> <p class="textarea"><textarea cols="60" rows="3" name="message">{if isset($oldMessage)}{$oldMessage}{/if}</textarea></p> </div> {/if} This code I remove from order-adress.tpl in my theme file and add it to order-carrier.tpl. In order process it look good, but it doesn't send me message to administration. (from, order-adress.tpl it sends). I can't use "1 step order", customers can't log in (and error log says nothing), if I use it, so I need to use 5 step order.... I know, that I must change something else too, but I don't know what. Using version I'd like to upload these files, but "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file"...
  12. hello I'm looking for carrier module, where I can set about 100 branches for customers to pick up goods (I don't care, if I set them in backoffice or write to xml file). This carrier hasn't got any his module. From customer view, in step, where he choose carier, he choose this carrier and he must select branch (best will be scroll menu as in screenshot bellow), where he pick up goods. I only need to know, where he want to pick up goods, so if this module writes branch to customer's message, it will be good. I don't need it in invoice. All branches have same price for shipping. But If I can do from this module several carriers, it is +. I need it compatible with version Thank you for any tips And sorry for my English, I hope, that it is understandable, what I mean Btw module in screenshot tooks branches from external xml, I try to edit it, but it doesn't work :/
  13. zdravím, potřeboval bych pro eshop na Prestě modul pro výběr poboček na způsob Uloženky Zásilkovny, kde by byla roletka, kde by si zákazník vybral pobočku, tu by bohatě stačilo jen zapsat do zprávy od zákazníka. Žádné api/dodatečné informace a pod. nejsou třeba. Existuje nějaké (klidně i placené) řešení, kde bych si buď do administrace nebo xmlka naládoval pobočky a zákazník by si vybral. Děkuji
  14. I have default icons on the shop, and I want to replace them by my icons, but I don't know, where I replace them, because from source I see only this <section id="social_block"> <ul> <li class="facebook"> <a href="facebook link" target="_blank"> <span> Facebook </span> </a> </li> <li class="youtube"> <a href="Youtubelink"> <span> YouTube </span> </a> </li> </ul> <h4> Následujte nás //Follow us </h4> </section>
  15. hello, I'm edditing default-bootstrap theme in presta and I need to change icons from Block Social (fb, twitter, g+, ... in footer), because it looks horrible in green background, but I can't find the source file to replace them. Can anyone tell me, in with folder and file I find these icon ? Thank you
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