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  1. phpMyAdmin in the main php page, i looked at the top "localhost" -> blank i clicked on the left side which has my username and it says "No tables found in database". should i create table? how many column i should put?
  2. hi, someone pls help me! .. i managed to open installation assistant page, click next and so on.. until the page where it ask for database name, username and login. the setting i use : localhost database name : prestashop username : *entered login : *entered *username and login i did enter which i created from control panel click --> my sql database --> create new database which i input the username and password which auto generate i tried so many times with different ip or whatever..it still says invalid database name, username, login .. pls help! error msg : Database Server is not found. Please verify the login, password and server fields (DbPDO)
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