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  1. any thoughts on this ? perhaps i'm overlooking something?
  2. based on the feedback from Smart up there - i looked at the DB and was able to modify the Parent Cat ID which SOMEHOW was modified. in messing with these ID's i managed to get the category to show back up in the category directory. not category > view - however - it wasn't behaving correctly. perhaps i wasn't waiting long enough for the db to sync - i don't know. but i managed to get the LED lights category to show back up - with all the sub categories aaaaaaand all the products. so, that being said, i still have no clue how the hell simply disabling a category found me here but i have it functional and thats all that matters. For now.... my end goal will be to reinstall Prestashop, reconfigure it so that it's all working CORRECTLY but for now - i'm just gonna roll with it. thanks Smart for your insight. it was obviously a great help.
  3. okay - so under Monitoring - i see all the categories that are empty - so, the system "sees" the info there but not in Categories. what the hell did i do to this thing?
  4. no, i was trying to disable a category - and all this happened. how do i attach an image here??? i have a couple for insight
  5. btw - using version 1.5 - ALSO - all of the categories are in the db. i see them. and they all say ACTIVE. (see screen cap)
  6. once you create it, does it show on your website? for me, i'm finding that ya have click on HOME in the category list, and then go to the new category you created.
  7. okay - so i had four 'categories' LED HID Accessories Parts in LED i had several (like 11) sub cats. one of which was empty - so i went to "remove it" Now THING shows up in my admin area under Categories except HOME - until i click on HOME. then HID Accesssories and Parts show up. LED is GONE. I do see it in the DB. In reading some info on this issue i saw somewhere someone said, "reset the site" i have no idea what that means or where to find it. a) how did my cats show up under HOME how do i get my info back bc there were already products added to that LED category c) how come when i add a new category it doesn't show up in the list - only under HOME d) i'm willing to give someone login info (moderator) to look around. INCLUDING db access. I HAVE TO HAVE THIS FIXED by tomorrow morning to show my boss. everything was PERFECT i just wanted to get rid of that one empty category......... wth?!?! now i'm gonna be up all night!!! PLEASE PLEAAAAAAAAAAASE HELP!!!
  8. hi guys - first - thanks for a great post - but, for me - just like eeeeeeverything else, it didn't seem to work. Things never go smoothly for me on these things. couple of questions. on the attached ContactController - where the key's go. do we keep or remove the ' around the 'put publick key here' also - on my contact form, it shows the COPY of the add_recaptcha.txt but not the typical distorted words one see's on a captcha. my form submits just fine - but i never see the captcha screen. any ideas where i dropped the ball? thanks again for a great post - i look forward to quickly resolving this issue.
  9. this might help a little bit. rename bkgrnd.gif to whatever your background img is and change your background color from #000000 to whatever you'd like if you're using a REALLY LARGE IMAGE you can set repeat-y to no-repeat - then the content will scroll but the bkgrnd will stay fixed. Good luck! hope this helps a little. body { background: url("/themes/default/img/bkgrnd.gif") repeat-y scroll center top #000000; color: #222222; font: 11px/14px Arial,Verdana,sans-serif; margin: 0 auto; }
  10. when i open that csv file - in excel - it's jibberish - how is it working for you guys? i don't get it.
  11. i suppose i should've stated that for me, just starting out, when learning the tool that is PrestaShop, the reset link, i found to be very helpful. due to the fact that i'm a noob to this, i am still learning the in's and out's so perhaps i spoke to quickly or offered a solution that may not fit everyones needs, but for me, it did work and restored my info as i needed it. thank you for the clarification though - it does put such a fix in perspective.
  12. okay - fixed the missing modules. Hit Reset under the module name.
  13. i found that in the modules section - if you accidently remove a block/module just hit Reset in the text links below the module name and it'll return it to the original location.
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