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  1. pai banuiesc ca poti sa faci un simplu import in care pui ca si campuri doar id-ul si apoi pretul de care ai nevoie P.S.: incearca sa compui postul in engleza ca poate ai succes mai mare la raspunsuri de la cei care au facut prestashop
  2. On my remote server I have PHP 5.4.23 (cli) and locally in MAMP I have 5.5.3 and its working. I really must to install it to remote server. Any idea about this prb?
  3. Thx for the info hsyong, but is a must to install it on the remote server. This will be an live shop. Locally is working. Other versions are working on remote. Just this version cause me problems. Thx
  4. Hi, I also have a problem installing It doesn't pass the first installing screen. I choose the language installation (English) and when I pushed the next button is refreshing and just that. I tried to redownload the package, same result. I tried to move it on another server, same. Somebody? Thx
  5. Hi all, The only problem that I figure it out is that if you use firefox you'll get some problems, bc FF doesn't know to show XML tree I have allmost the same problem but i try to access store.mysite.com/api not www.mysite.com/api. Are there any difference between those two? Any help will be great. Thx
  6. Hey, Thx for the quick response. I had connection to the database and I successfully pick any data I wanted. But now, I have another problem. For example someone uses my register.php to register on www.site.com. In this case I've made an duplicate insert into the both databases(mine and prestashop's). What I want to do is... When someone logged in site.com(independent platform) when is typing store.site.com(the prestashop) also be logged in the store. And vice versa. Thx
  7. Hi. I have installed prestastashop For testing, until the stable release is done I want to enstablish a DB connection from outside the prestashop and collect some info from the PS DB. For ex: I have PS installed in store.mywebsite.com/ and I want to have access to its DB (colect some data) from exterior (mywebsite.com/customer). How can I do that? I tried some examples like adding this: include_once('path_to_prestashop/config/config.inc.php'); include_once('path_to_prestashop/config/settings.inc.php'); include_once('path_to_prestashop/classes/Cookie.php'); $cookie = new Cookie('ps'); my website crashes and in LOGS iit says: Unable to autoload class Tools: "tools.php" not found This is just an example to collect data.I want to collect more data like: manufacturer, sold products, etc Anyone do that before? Thx
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