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  1. Guys, the code is working for me. But i see "HOME" text after the home icon. How can i remove the text?
  2. Hi guys, Im getting this error whenever i try something in Backoffice (like adding/editing a product): The meta_title field (English (United States)) is invalid. I already tried setting Friendly URL, Accented URL and Disable apache multiviews options to "on". Hope someone can help me, as this is very frustrating. Thanks!
  3. Je kan ze toch onder de vouw verplaatsen? Dat je dus tijdens het laden veel dingen ziet, terwijl de footer nog leeg is. Maar boeiend: het gaat om de eerste indruk en dat moet niet een lege pagina zijn? Punt is: ik weet niet hoe
  4. There could be a possibility ofcourse. I will send you a PM to keep this topic clean. Thanks!
  5. Thanks man, i get it. First time use of HTML Now when i type in the code as u told above, i see nothing. Like it ignores the code. Sorry to be a noob, hope you can help me
  6. Agreed. I used 1.5 and i was happy about it. But then i had to update it to 1.6 because of a problem Now i have to update again? I'm happy with the version i have now and don't want to risk another update. you should post new topic, and put more info than 'gave error'. chin up...back up back up back up! Jup, I did a backup already. The problem is the famous one: error (parseJSON) Example topic: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/192406-cant-auto-upgrade-any-version-same-error-every-time/page-6 So there must be a simple way to do stuff right?
  7. Dag mensen, Google PageSpeed adviseert mij het volgende: JavaScript en CSS in inhoud boven de vouw die het weergeven blokkeren, verwijderen Heeft er iemand een suggestie hoe ik dit kan verhelpen? Mijn shop die laadt namelijk tergend langzaam en dit zou het probleem kunnen elimineren. Alvast bedankt!
  8. Tried to solve it with update, but 1 click update (module) gave an error.. It would be awesome if i could fix this.
  9. Hi Vekia, I was trying to implement the G+ badge to my CMS block (footer site). When i follow the steps (from another topic), i get the next: Whatever i type, i get to see the codes exactly on my frontoffice screen. Can you help me?
  10. Im very afraid of losing all my settings when i update it to .0.7 or .0.8 Those aren't tested very well, so yeah.. And I'm already bad at changing small things (as you can tell by this topic )
  11. I have changed the first post. I have version Thanks for your time
  12. I have 1.6 + And i prefer solving it without using money.
  13. Hi Guys, In order to speed up my shop (cause its VERY slow), i did some research. One thing I need to change is the order which the site is loading. This won't speed up the site ofcourse, but it'll make the customer happy because it LOOKS fast. For example: First load all visible elements and THEN load all background stuff. In the meantime, the customer can watch at all the pictures i have on my site. Anyone want to share his opinion about this one? Note. im a noob @ HTML Prestashop version:
  14. True, true. Didnt died yet I have a question tho. Is there a possibility to put the badge at multiple places? Like left column and homepage? Works like a charm till now
  15. Thanks for sharing But do i seriously need to make an account and stuff just to download this simple module? Btw: works perfectly with 1.6
  16. Got exact same thing. Following topic
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