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  1. Hi Is this setup also for 1.5, because in 1.6 there isn't force enable ssl in perference>general. Also the code in config.inc is the same? This topic is not solved. Does anyone have a solution for this error? "Cart cannot be loaded or an order has already been placed using this cart" With respect, Silviu
  2. I have the same problem. When authentifying it appears this error "TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to load form. Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: parsererror" I am using Prestashop and blackhawk3.1 theme. Is there any solution found?
  3. Hi jjboyano Thanks for sharing the solution. But where is front controller located? i can;t seem to find it edit: I found it and made the modification, but it didn;t work
  4. Hi Kickass module. However, i would really like to make it disabled for the user after he pressed X. At least for a couple of days. The problem is when navigating the site, every page i enter, the popup appearsm i think is annoing fot the user that just doesn't want to sing in. I found the code to replace somewhere at line 270 not 137. Can you be more specific with the class. Where do we add the class? Thank you Silviu
  5. Hi. I like very much this theme, but there is one thing that doesn't work... the submenu. Is there a solution for this? web: www.techstar.ro
  6. Hi everybody, I just finished setting up my underwear shop. After i finished adding all the products with combinations, i realized that i haven't set MOQ when making the combinations in first place. Now the buyer can only order 3 pieces of one product. It seems that i have to re-edit every product and this is a lot of work. Is there a way to make this otherwise? Maybe with a module or a piece of code. I use the latest prestashop Thank you in advance. Silviu
  7. On topic Has someone got the solution for changing the products and categories names in coresponding with the titles when duplicating them? It seem like a bug to me seens i had this problem with 1.5.6 and 1.6 now. Cheers
  8. Hi Salus I understand that you want english in back office and romanian in front office. If so you can change the BO language back to english in administration, employees then edit your user default language to english. If you just want romanian in front office, disable english language in localization / languages, leave only romanian available adn also change the default language in romanian in localization/ localization. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi, I'm just asking one more time. Can somebody help me with this? I want to change the icons in costum cms info block footer. Where can i find the files via fpt or is there another way? Sorry for insisting. Thank you!
  10. Hi guys Can somebody who knows please give a hand with this I've been trying to change the icons of the costum cms info box. I've looked into module folder (costumcmsblock) also theme\module folder. I've even looked in other folders to search for the images. If anybody knows where the images are or how to change them please tell me Good luck
  11. Hi I don't understand, i have the same issue. Could you please tell me where to add the code? and is this the full code? {$link->getCmsLink(9)} I'm using Thank you very much
  12. Hy everyone! I want to change the logo's in costum cms information block module. I've searched via ftp but i can't find where they are located. Can anybody tell me? I've attached an image for you to see what i mean. Thank you for your great suport and wonderfull comunity. Silviu
  13. Thanks moy2010, i've solved the problem, as i see many had this problem i want to tell how i did and why i had that error. If you begin installing smart blog categories wich is the first in the list you will have this problem. This was my big mistake because i didn't read the instructions, after reading the instructions i figured to copy the extracted file smart blog via ftb and it worked, no admin modules errors. i think this is important because many without reading the instructions will install the first file and will not no what to do. I even backed up my wesite and sql, deleted the file via ftp, deleted all cache manually and nothing worked, it worked finally when i copyed manualy the smart blog file. Thank you and sorry for posting problems Good luck
  14. As i said in my post, i have deleted it via frp, there is no smartblogcategory folder or file in my modules folder. Now, every time i click modules in backpffice i get that error. Someone had same problem and found solution? Prestashop
  15. Hi, please help! I've install the first file smartblogcategories.zip in backoffice add new module, after the instalation i can not access my back office module page. When click it says "[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module smartblogcategories: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/rshop50/public_html/modules/smartblog/classes/BlogCategory.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php')" So i deleted the file with ftp within modules directory and it still says the same thing. Any help is apreciated. Thank you Silviu
  16. hi, with this theme the mobile version is not showing well, the slider and the header is bigger and the featured products appear in one row. Is there a solution to make it show better? i cand modify in css or tpl file if somebody can show me. thanks
  17. Hi, i thing you have to make the images bigger.
  18. I've done it, found an original 1.5.6 version of module and just replaced it with the upgradet one. Thank you Nemo, like your tutorials by the way
  19. Hi all, I've upgraded some of the modules and after upgrading top horizontal menu every page i open is blank, also if i open the configuration for the module it appears the following error: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module blocktopmenu: Call to undefined method Category::getNestedCategories() Is there a method to restore the original module, please help! Silviu edit: i,ve done it, sorry for just asking, but if someone has this problem, it can be solved by replacing it with the original top horizontal module from 1.5.6 by ftp. cheers
  20. Buna tuturor, poate ma puteti ajuta va rog, am schimbat limba din engleza in romana in meniul de backoffice dar acum nu mai vreau pt ca m-am obisnuit cu engleza si nu stiu sa o schimb la loc. Cand am facut traducerea din meniul localizare-traduceri s-a facut automat. Am vazut ca pot sa modific traducerea rand cu rand dar sunt vreo 3000 de randuri So, help me! please.
  21. Hi i'm new to websites and this is my fist built web, thank you for the theme, it is great! I want to rename the button "plătește" with "cumpără". I also need to change language where it says "your shopping cart" and " | cart: 1 product " into my language. Could you please help me or show me where? Thank you in advance. Silviu shopaccesorii.ro
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