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  1. Hi, all. Is there an easy way to move some of the links that show up in the footer so that they appear in the Information block instead? Right now I have the site map and "contact us" in the footer, but would like those to show only in the left block with the "Information" header. I thought maybe by creating a new page (Preferences --> CMS --> Add new CMS page) but have had trouble copying over the code from the existing site map, etc. in the footer. I'm using PrestaShop Thanks for any help! Mark
  2. For a theme, what does it mean to be responsive or not responsive? Thanks, Mark
  3. Hi, Vekia. Thanks for your reply. The name of the theme's directory was determined when I unzipped the theme's zip file. When I did that, it created a folder in my "themes" directory called ControlTheme v1.4. The screenshot of the file system is not the main directory of the PrestaShop installation, but it is a subdirectory. So there's the main directory, then the folder called "themes", then the folder "ControlTheme v1.4". The screenshot is of the contents of this last directory. How can I tell what version of the theme installer the author of the theme used to export it? Thanks, Mark
  4. Hi, all. I'm using PrestaShop and recently purchased a theme that I'm trying to install. I've tried two ways, both of which have led to errors. If anyone can help me figure out how to get the new theme installed, I'd be grateful. Method 1 is to open the PrestaShop admin section of my website, go to the Modules menu, and then click on "Configure" for the default module "Import/Export a Theme". One of the options to is import from my computer, and using that I uploaded a purchased zip file containing the theme files. This results in an error message: "Bad configuration file" (see attached jpeg) Method 2 is the method laid out here: http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/edu/prestashop-15/prestashop-themes/install-new-theme I'm using InMotionHosting to host my website, and in its file management system is a "themes" folder. I've uploaded and unzipped the purchased theme zip file into that folder, then open up the PrestaShop admin section. Going to Preferences --> Themes, and clicking "Add new" lets me specify the directory for the theme, but I only get the error "The directory field is invalid" when I do this (see attached jpeg). I also have attached a picture of the contents of the unzipped folder within the "themes" directory. Any tips? Thanks, Mark
  5. Definitely-- I'm running, which I believe is the latest. I did figure that these previous fixes might have made it into the latest version, but I'm still getting the bug and wasn't sure what else to try other than the fixes that seem to apply to previous versions.
  6. Math_php and Paul, thank you. Math_php, I'm sure I can install an ftp client, but do you know where would I find the files with the code? Paul, I'm familiar with modules, although I don't know what a hook is, or what an override is. Any suggestions on how to get familiar with those options? The instructions I have are here: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFV-8705. This is all in an effort to allow the user to download a virtual product-- for some reason they can purchase it, but never are sent a link to download it. It seems a few other people have had this issue as well, and a number of the threads on the forums suggest modifying code to fix it. Thanks, Mark
  7. Hi, all. Very basic question, apologies if it's obvious, but I haven't been able to figure this out from looking at the forum posts: How can I modify the code for just my installation of PrestaShop? For example, I'm trying to fix what seems to be a bug, and found advice to modify a line of code in "classes/order/OrderHistory.php". I'd like to give that a try, but I presume I can't just do this from the back office / administrative area of my shop... Thanks for any help you can give me. Mark
  8. No, I don't see the order listed in the back office (at least, "This month's activity" lists 0 orders). So why that's the case is another question I have, but since an order at least results in a confirmation e-mail being sent, it seemed it should also result in the download link appearing (either on the web page, if that happens normally, or through an e-mail, which I presume is the more typical way). Any thoughts on why the order history doesn't show anything? Thanks, Mark
  9. Hi. I'm using PrestaShop I've added a downloadable virtual product, which a customer can purchase using PayPal. However, upon completing the purchase, the e-mail receives only a payment confirmation e-mail (that does not include a link to download the product), and no way to actually download it. The confirmation web page also does not contain a link for downloading. When looking at the order history after the customer has completed the purchase, it says "You have not placed any orders." Any suggestions for allowing the customer to download the product? Thanks, Mark
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