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  1. Hello, I got lost on all the documentation, I can't seem to figure out how to show the gift certificate products on my frontend or homepage, or have it sent via email.
  2. Actually, I need one where the product has an option that the user can send the product as a gift certificate and not as a product. Is that possible?. All of my products can be used as a gift certificate, but the customer has an option to buy it as it is, or send it as a gift card.
  3. Hello, I am looking for a module where the Customer has an option to buy the product as it is or buy it as a Gift Certificate, then maybe send it to friends if he/she wants to, and if possible have a QR code for it. Are there any available modules close to this?. Thanks
  4. Hello, the plugin has been working quite well with my shop, but when I updated it, It does not work anymore and I configured it to show 3 slide images at the same time, then now when I updated it, It only shows 1 image without the next and previous button anymore. Is there any way I can downgrade my version without deleting my slides?.
  5. Can you do this via phpmyadmin?, I have an error regarding my meta.php file, So I need to resort with the phpmyadmin.
  6. I get an error on my meta.php file when I press edit on index via Preferences > SEO & URL's >
  7. Will test this module, see how it works.
  8. Can I put this on a page?, instead of the slider?.
  9. Can't find the module after install. I'm using version 1.5x
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