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  1. Hi Edtoy1, good luck getting Prestashop to answer questions they are useless on that end, I never got a response to my email. I guess if you where to buy their packages of support they would asnwer.
  2. You are quick I just finished editing the previews post where I pretty much said what you explain, you are good. I'll edit the title. Thank you for all the help.
  3. Hello Statictic, I think this time is fixed the issue was that I changed the file directly when it need it to be fixed from the theme editor itself, it took me a bit of time to realize that but now is working again hope it stays that way this time. I tried to check "Mark Solved" on the very first post but the forum does not give me that option in the fist post only on the subsequent posts, I marked it as solved in your response that I think gave me the most insight. Thank you once more for all the help I appreciate it.
  4. Hello Statictic, could you please tell me how did you find what was creating the problem? I woke up today and I started getting the same issue with Firefox and Chrome but not with IE, is weird. Thank you.
  5. I rechecked after clearing the Cache and it works! You are a brilliant genius! Thank you!!
  6. Not there, I am using the Warehouse theme, I am going to dig around see if I can find it.
  7. Hello Statictic, thank you for the help, could you point me out to where do I find theme.css. Thank you.
  8. I am getting this warning on Firefox ... "Connection Partially Encrypted Parts of the page you are viewing were not encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet. Information sent over the Internet without encryption can be seen by other people while it is in transit." Same thing along those lines in other browsers. I just enabled SSL, it works when you go into checkout and so on but with that warning, how do I get rid of that warning? Also Is there a way to have all pages encrypted not just the checkout and account? Thank you all in advance.
  9. Yes, you are right thank you for the great module.
  10. I know your pain, it sucks maybe if enough people complain to PayPal they put the screws to Prestashop to make a reliable module. I moved to Braintree it worked flawlessly in the first try, on the downside the module cost $40 from Bellini but at least it works.
  11. "Paypal API Settings" go blank, you are going to use the "Advanced Settings" only. Hope it helps you.
  12. Hello Flyclothing, I do not know if you saw my last post about PayPal advance, where I mention that PayPal people directly told me that they can't get the module to work correctly since all the configurations are hard coded into the module, the only people that can help is Prestashop since they are the makers of the module, good luck trying to get anything out of those fellows, I send a mail a long long time ago I never got a response you are better off looking for other options. I might suggest look into Brain Tree they give you free service for the first $50000 if you are in the USA, I put my application today as soon as is approved I am making the switch.
  13. I am just putting my 2 cents about "PayPal USA advanced" since I do need to vent out to achieve peace. I been trying to get this stupid module to work for weeks to no avail, I have spend hours on the phone with PayPal from representative to representative, I am not kidding when I say I must have spoken with 15 different agents that is without counting the emails. I finally got a definite answer from PayPal today; Prestashop is responsible for the module and PayPal can't do a darn thing, that is right they do not know how since the setting are hard coded into the module. I tried to get support from Prestashop when this nightmare started, they never answer my email in other words do yourself a favor and skip the PayPal module for something else that actually has support. I am disappointed in PayPal but the real surprise is Prestashop since they are the ones that disappoint the most, I did not get one response from them that is abysmal the only way to get information is here and is all good and great until you get in a bind where no one in this forum can help. In the end I am stuck with Prestashop since I put so much time and effort and some money into setting my site up with it however if I would have know I was going to go though this much trouble with no support at all from them I would have gone with a different cart. Anyhow nothing that can be done now but look for a different payment method to my site and hopefully in the near future I can migrate to a different cart or "wishful thinking" Prestashop gets their game together and starts supporting the community better, this is a learning experience that I learned the hard way I hope you do not have to.
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