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  1. Hi, I'm facing a "no carrier is available for selection" problem only with this exact setup: product with several combinations advanced stock management and product set to use it the setup that works: product without combinations + advanced stock management product with combinations + simplified stock management (quantity selection on product page) my version is note: all other posts I've seen mention warehouses without carriers, carriers with incorrect countries/zones. this does not apply. as showed above everything works fine except this exact combination. Any help? Thanks, JPinto
  2. como posso dar ao cliente credito na loja? só encontro a opção de gerar um voucher.
  3. Achei! a tradução do modulo paypal funciona com o ficheiro xml localizado em: modules/paypal/translations.xml perto da linha 2545 encontra: <country iso_code="PT"> ... <payment_choice>TEXT</payment_choice> substituí o TEXT por Pague com cartão de crédito ou com a sua conta PayPal
  4. Algo como isto mas gratis. certo? Facebook PS shop tab também estou à procura do mesmo sem ter de precisar de conhecimentos de desenvolvimento, actualmente com tanto modulo existente e solidamente testado, estar a fazer desenvolvimento à medida é o primeiro passo para problemas no proximo update. antes do prestashop tentei o ecwid para montar uma loja onde esta funcionalidade fazia parte do standard. com meia duzia de clicks criavas a loja no facebook 100% funcional (sem modulos pagos, sem desenvolvimento). o problema principal do ecwid é que como gestão de loja é fraquissimo.
  5. Tenho o mesmo problema e ainda sem solução. Se encontrar coloco aqui.
  6. Viva, a emissão de uma nota de crédito é enganadora (pelo nome dado à funcionalidade) estava à espera desta funcionalidade equivaler a uma nota de credito como usada na faturação e em que dosse possível o cliente ficar com credito na loja para poder utilizar numa futura compra. no entanto a funcionalidade no prestashop serve unicamente para efectuar um reembolso. especialmente perigoso se o pagamento inicial foi efectuado via paypal, o que significa que o reembolso é automaticamente processado e o montante devolvido ao cliente via paypal. Alguém sabe se é possível via prestashop o cliente ficar com saldo na loja aquando uma devolução (ou outra situação como ter pago em excesso)? Ou a unica solução nesse caso é emitir um voucher? Alguém tentou renomear os locais onde é mencionada a nota de credito para reembolso? Como fazer? Obg, Jpinto
  7. nothing on client side. changing browsers, clean cache, etc. is useless. but I got a new finding on facebook side. on facebook linter: after I click on the link saying "Scraped URL See exactly what our scraper sees for your URL" the facebook integration for my URL starts working correctly. Seems like facebook has some cached old version of my URL (possibly from the first attempt while still with "slide top content" module) and hitting the scraper link clears this cached version. I'll try creating new products to see the behavior. It will be really bad if I need to 'scrap' all my products one by one and for each language....
  8. great advices DH42, it should work. Many thanks for that. but... grrr.. I still have the same anoying behavior which doesn't make any sense. I've now disabled the hidden module with such content, but on facebook the behavior is the same. looking at source of page I can't even find word lorem anymore. addthis and facebook, include lorem ipsolum facebook linter behaves correctly as expected I'll try changing browsers, clean caches, restart. could be something on client side.
  9. check this link to a product that yesterday was not working and today it is: http://www.johnlittlechicken.com/wstore/pt/bodys/8-john-littlechicken-rock-roll-body.html and this one for a product that today is still not working but in linter everything is fine: http://www.johnlittlechicken.com/wstore/pt/james-crocket/9-james-crocket-body.html (text incorrect) http://www.johnlittlechicken.com/wstore/en/james-crocket/9-james-crocket-body.html (text and image incorrect) (the second one does not have descriptions filled, I was testing if that was related) Thanks, Jpinto
  10. not working while on facebook linter I get og fields for description correctly matching the website (nothing on lorem ipsilum) using addthis or posting url into facebook gives the random lorem ipsilum or even random images (ad image instead of product image) when I say random is really random! if I repeat this long enough sometimes I get the correct image/description. really puzzling me....
  11. Hi, when I try to share a product in facebook (either copy past the URL or use a module like addthis) the facebook entry apears with the "lorem yada yada" thingy. if I try the same with a product from the default catalog (ipod) the correct description appears. my custom product has all fields filled (small description, full description, in multiple languages). I can't find where facebook is taking the lorem stuff from to change it there any help? my business will heavily rely on facebook marketing and I can't use it like this. Thanks, JPinto
  12. Hi, my store will operate in a near 0-stock model. from what I've seen in prestashop there are only two options when a product reaches 0 units in stock: 1-activate email alert for customer (when product is back in stock) 2-allow item to be purchased (even if not in stock) At start I want to avoid the 0 stock items to be bought (I'm dependent on suppliers and do not want the hassle to have orders cancelled after being payed or delays in shipping). This leaves only the option to activate email alerts for customers. But I can't find any report to tell me how many customers are waiting for a product to be back in stock! The main goals are: - optimize re-stocking products (e.g. predict the volume expected to be sold when product is back in stock and reduce shipping fees). - avoid re-stocking dead-end products (and remove them from catalog) if no customer is showing desire to buy them. A report on how many costumers are waiting for a product to be back in stock would be enough to achieve this. Or adding a new column in the report statscheckup where this number would appear. Anyone knows if prestashop has any standard way of doing this? Any other ideas? Thanks, João Pinto
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