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  1. What are you trying to accomplish? We are about to move to PrestaShop, so we don't really know the solution that well yet. But why don't you simply import directly to p_category_product? Things can be listed after each other, but it will break the normalization rules. What if some of the products have 4 or 5 categories?
  2. Something like this? SELECT cp.id_product, cl.name FROM p_category_product as cp LEFT join p_category_lang as cl on cp.id_category = cl.id_category;
  3. Hi, so a final version of PrestaShop 1.6 will be released on the 17th? That's really good to know Is it best to do the testing of a brand new site on (installed) or the beta 1.6? We have loads of products we have to import, but it would be great to see how everything regarding the handbag images for instance are stored in the database. But I guess we will just have to fool around and try it out some more. Thanks for the info.
  4. Hi, the front office (front store) shows a much bigger variety of products and categories than the back office (Store Admin) when following the links on this page: http://www.prestashop.com/en/demo To get a better feel of how things work and how the database populates, I would love to get a better look at the complete front store in store admin (or even better, as a downloadable database). The demo I installed + the back office only shows 7 products. I would really like to at least have the handbags as well. Is the complete demo database available somewhere? We are migrating our store from a Zen Cart store thas has been extensively customized, so even though migration addons exist, it would help a lot to also have a better understanding of how presta shop works before we start migrating.
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