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  1. Hi guys, A part of my shop is going to sell handmade things. For this i need a form which the customer should fill in for an order where he can chose details of his custom goods, and fill in also some free text details. Anyone can help me with this kind of plug in, addon? Thank you,
  2. Wait wait..I will attach 2 pics Pic number one - Actual view - its what you see if you hit my URL Pic number two - Wanted view - its what i want to see if i hit my URL without "clicking" the "POPULAR" button there in image. P.S. All these problems wont be a problem if i would have constant new products in shop. I think its this what i want "or- Do you mean it needs to be visible in the first place?"
  3. Yes Nemo, they are in the right category. Problem is not that they are not visible in category, but the category is not present, by default, on first page Visit my link http://pentruprichindei.ro/ You will find, under central banner, the tab "Popular" - click and you will see 12 random products. My wish is that this category to be by default present and visible when someone visit my shop. This would not be a problem if i would have a constant input for new products, that category will be visible.
  4. Anyone here ? ^^ I am still looking for support on this
  5. is I never did updates, was kinda scared of losing things i've done by now.
  6. Yes, sure here it is http://pentruprichindei.ro/
  7. Hello guys, i need your help. My shop is on Prestashop 1.6 and i have this issue - when i add new items in shop, all is fine, coz at that time my page is populated with those items in the lower side of the page. Yet, if i don't add new item, there's none shown on that area, even if i have "popular items" module activated. How can i set this module to be visible by default , not only if the customer hits the tab ? Thank you,
  8. Well, i have to admit i am a total noob with php, but i'll do my best before asking you for support again
  9. Well, i didn't ... gonna have a look. Thank you
  10. Hi guys, I am using prestashop 1.6 for my online shop. And i was wondering if there is any free of charge module for "previous/next product". I wish this button to be inside the product details. Thanks for your support,
  11. Well ifound the tpl but i have no clue what to modify inside tht file ...
  12. Hum...i remember i filled that area, but ill double check and let you know the results. However the details of the company should be in upper right corner of the pdf file. I will check also the tpl file I will let you know, Thank you
  13. Yey...it is working yes. Thank you for great support Pascal. Have a nice day, i might bug you with more support request
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