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  1. Good day all! A word of advice, I am new to the PrestaShop scene. Forgive me if I make some noobish mistakes. Lets hop into things, I am looking for some ideas (note, ideas only) on how I can get started with middle man selling on PrestaShop. Example: Seller comes and logs in, he then goes to his products page and adds a product which he wants to sell (second hand of course). The product would then become publicly available for the world to capture interest. Once the interest is captured the seller will then get an email through the system informing them that there is a new potential customer. Once the deal has gone through the system. (we keep 10% of final deal price, per say), we would then send a form to both parties involved to find how we can tweak the system to work better, etc, etc. How would you think - will be the easiest way to accomplish this type of scenario? Thanks
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