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  1. Can it work with Prestashop 1.6? If not can I expect it some time soon?
  2. If you have it online, PM me FTP login info and I'll help you out. If not let me know what theme you are using and I'll see what can be done.
  3. Looks like a CSS problem to me, I think you can just set specific styling for that item in your template file. Make sure to Clear cache and rebuild template so changes are applied.
  4. Hello, I'm using Paypal in sandbox mode to check my configuration but it doesn't seem to work. The order is processed by Paypal, in the account the of buyer money is deducted and merchant receives the money but Prestashop just returns the user to Order history page with item or items still in shopping cart. Prestashop version is and PayPal USA, Canada module is 1.3.3 I tried with debug mode, compatibility warnings, and debug profiling. I get no new information other than profiling data, no warnings no errors. Please advise.
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