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  1. Hi I did actually end up fixing that problem about 6 weeks ago but can't remember what I did...sorry. My site had been working fine up until yesterday when I posted a new message which I thought this was a reply to. I moved my web files from (as an example) - www.mysite.com.au/shop to www.mysite.com.au/ so that the shop would come as the index page. Now even though I have reconnected the prestashop software to the original mysql database none of my settings or information, customers, catalogues appear now, only my company logo is still in there. The database although there is not connecting for some reason.
  2. I have just moved my Prestashop website from as an example www.mysite.com.au/shop/ to www.mysite.com.au/ so that it now comes up as the first page when the primary url is typed in. I reconnected the software to the original mysql database as I had recorded all the settings, however when I log into the backend (admin) none of the structure I previously set up is evident, no catalog, no customers, nothing. Have I omitted something, everything seem to connect okay as far as the database is concerned but obviously its not correct, any help would be appreciated. George
  3. Okay rocky its still a bit weird, I decided to delete the database and start again as I didn't have much on it anyway justs a couple of products to test the system. Now my tabs in the screenshot you sent is the same as yours. I have tried to set the states for Australia in - Shipping > States but it will not allow me to ad any although it says it was successful. Must still be some not right with the install??
  4. Hi again rocky I don't have a "States" tag under shipping? Its - Carriers - Countries - Zones - Price Ranges - Weight Ranges I have all the countries turned off except Australia which is also set as the default country. If then "Zones" is where you would set states, I have already tried that which seems to make no difference. Obviously there is an error somewhere but I have exhausted things to try. Seems there is nowhere to set states?
  5. Hi and thanks rocky for a prompt reply. I am not sure what you mean by "third- party modules" the software I am running is straight out of the box (so to speak) but I have had to tweak it to reflect Australian settings obviously. The website is a good way away from finalisation at present, I just wanted to make sure all the bells and whistles work as they should including the PayPal link etc; before I enter too many stock items. I have done some more checking and if I sign up as an American citizen it loads the 'State' field below, the drop-down gives me the options available and funny enough is showing the Australian states and not the US ones which is what I need. So then if I change the country of origin to Australia again this drop-down field disappears. The words “Done, with errors” does NOT appear in the bottom-left corner. I guess the solution is to have the drop-down menu appear when the country "Australia" is selected however I am not sure how to do that.
  6. I believe I have all the settings correct in the backend for Australian States, however when I do a test sigup on the website an error message says "this country requires a state selection" but there is no state field showing on the address form? I am new to the forum so hope I am posting in the correct place?
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