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  1. Yes. tried also to remove 1 line and all lines on right of the page -> no effect. still the same space reservation. there is somewhere a space reservation for this header.tpl file. ?? Tried both, logo pixel change and lines but no change Also tried to totally empty header.tpl and no effect. so the header part is somewhere reserved xxxx pixels, but cannot find where.
  2. yes tested also this -> it changes the logo and makes it smaller but the space reservation is still the same: Tried this <img src="{$logo_path}" style="width:{$width_logo}px; height:{$height_logo}px;" /> By removing {$height_logo} and adding manual px sizes. No effect, still the receiver text stays in same location.
  3. I need to get the addresses_tab higher in the (css?) space? i already managed to move the delivery and billing address to more left and make the delivery address only include the name /address part. but still few lines too low in the screen to be able to fit nicely into post office envelope with screen opening. need to remove 2 lines from the red area but cannot find place what to edit.
  4. Hi i want to set a own discount when whole stock is sold to 0. example i have 11 products currently in stock i set 5% to 5pcs 10% to 10pcs and i would like to set special discount when whole stock (in this case 11) = 25%. Please comment how to set this "whole stock" somehow.
  5. Hello came across this same just today, cell phone showing without tax (1520 microsoft) and other phone did not. I had removed almost all countries , i.e USA so that did not help. The reason for prices showing without tax was : Localization -> "se default country from browser language" -> set to OFF then all devices worked ok.
  6. Hi. think i got the smarty definition but how to define the hooks in this case?
  7. Hi I have whole shop configured, on product page the product category list is showns but i would need 1 product page where the list is not shown (basically only product shown (no left or right columns) also i would like to modify the category (category 54-products) to be also removed from left and right colums. but i guess this will go the same way as modifying the product page. went through the whole product.tpl, forums, videos and topic "how to: different product.tpl .....) but cannot figure out how to modify the product page. Please help to proceed. -MK
  8. Hi. Thank you , it helped but revealed another problem. now the table of products is incorrect size. the width is 100% but. dont know where to change this. (product name would be max size and rest in the right side) -Mikko
  9. Hi As defaul the first box in product box is reference. If i remove the reference line from Invoice_product_tab.tpl the invoice then does not add the product name to the full area and the whole invoice gets messed up. Not so familiar with these layout modifications. Maybe the picture shows better what i mean. ( I was able to remove the texts "reference" and the individual printouts of the references) but not the column)
  10. Hi Previous versions showed VAT inclusive prices and also without. and then total with VAT Now the new version only has Exclusive prices shown for product and total (summary is correct and VAT box) but the product page is incorrect Atleast its illegal to only show product prices exclusive VAT in Finland, maybe this should be in many EU countries also You can only show exclusive prices to companies but not for individual customers. How to add inclusive VAT prices to PDF. Thanks. -Mikko
  11. Hello trying to find solution how to add "in Stock" = Varastossa ( In Finnish language) "xx pcs" = amount of stock actually -> this is visible in product page but not in the category page. How to add it like the example in picture. i found the "pcs in stock" code in the product page css but how to add it to the "green box" BR -Mikko
  12. Hi. This worked, very long words are cut but will show when hover over. and normal wrap works in shorter words now better. Looks better. I would say this is solver. thank you
  13. Hi. Thanks for the suggestion but the using 3 column does not fix the overflow of long text. it just leaves a empty spot as the 4th column. (fixing the CSS just decreases the size of the center column, so i dont want to make my pages smaller) This is something to do with the "wrap - no wrap" but i cannot find where to do this.
  14. Hi. There was already a solved item with the same topic but it is outdated or atleast it seems to be related to theme i have default theme with prestahop and cannot find the nowrap setting in CSS anywhere. Where can i fix this. all the long words get cut out of the text. i only see this text overflow in the mainpage (product lists etc work ok) you can also see this in my webpage www.valoilmio.fi
  15. same here. latest prestashop where to edit the message (or atleast add some message) the return process does not have a return message option?
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