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  1. My Bad..:S. Still trying to find my way round the forum.
  2. This is exactly what I've been looking for, thanks!.. Do I replace the files in my theme, or the main prestashop? M
  3. it looks fine in my browser, IE8 and in firefox.. You can put your url in here to get an idea of how it will look in lots of different browsers (takes a while though sometimes) browsershots
  4. glad I could help.. I know what it's like when you just want it the way you want it.. M
  5. Hi anson find global.css in your themes css file, then find this: #footer .block_various_links li a { text-decoration:none; } and add this to the css font-weight:normal; or replace it with this (same thing) #footer .block_various_links li a { font-weight:normal; text-decoration:none; } That should take care of it for ya.. M
  6. Hi Everyone. I'm using the blackwhite theme, and I want to use a seamless background, but the content is like seperate blocks so when I use a solid colour on the center colum, top, header etc.. it looks a mess. is there any way I can contain the entire site in a div id, so I can just set the background colour of that div, then use a normal background on the body sort of thing?.. I tried putting in the header, and the in the footer tpl.. but it seemed to stop after the top Am I totally going in the wrong direction? Thanks Martin
  7. Hi Lewis. Which pages, I just had a peek in ie and firefox and it looked fine.. I've been tinkering with this theme too, and it's taken me ages to tweak and try and sort out some of the space issues etc, (still working on it and trying to understand it all) your shops looking good though. M
  8. Hi Rocky:) Thanks. the freind I'm building a shop for wants something pretty minimal, and I was hoping once I have the shop design and features more or less finalised, to strip out everything I know I'm definately not going to use and the corresponding code etc to try and reduce uneccasry requests etc., to hopefully (maybe) speed the site up a bit. I'm not sure whether to elimate the features section completely yet though, or following your suggestion just don't add anything so that it doesn't show up.. hmm.. M
  9. Hi everyone, is there a way to disable the more info sheets/tabs (the section where it displays the technical details, and the comments etc) I only want the brief description that comes with the product as they are simple product. Thanks in advance.. M
  10. Hi everyone. Does anybody know if you can get the ajax cart working with the black and white theme? I've tried several things so far but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Also.. If I totally decide NOT to use an ajax cart, can I strip all the code out relating to the ajax cart to speed things up? Thanks Martin
  11. Thanks Rocky, Just caught back up with this post, I got totaly sidetracked and never got a chance to try it, back on track now though so will follow what you posted and try and get it going. Thanks again! M
  12. Thanks Rocky!.. Thanks for the replies.. When you say call the function do you mean, put the <?php (function) ?> where I want the specials to display?.. that's awesome as apparently there will only be a couple of specials each week. Will go and have a mess with it now. thanks again, I really appreciate this. M
  13. Hi Rocky Thanks for your reply.. I like your site, I'm a huge fan of a more minimilistic style and white space. It looks great, nice T's too. And... that's an awesome looking slider. Works really well on your site. I almost kinda figured it out. I looked in editorial.tpl and see they implemented the slider javascript in there, so I figured I could just do the same for the specials etc?. I always try and figure stuff out for myself before I hit the forums as it's a good way to learn, but there's just sooo many different files:O Not sure on the exact style of slider my client wants, but I will show him your site:) Gonna do that search now Thanks! M
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