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  1. Yes, it seems intermittent regardless of whether or not you are a returning visitor. I can clear my cache & cookies and still experience this issue. It also seems to effect logging in to your account, if you are experiencing the 'cart' issue.
  2. It's hard to know without speaking to them, but I have to assume they are new shop guests. The products sold are not likely to have repeat purchasers very often.
  3. Hi Milos, Apologies for not following the rules- it was one of those "oh crap" moments. I'll need to reopen this. Though I cannot reproduce the issue with not being able to add to cart, I have received complaints from others who still experience this problem. Is it the site cache? If so, can you explain how to properly clear that? Thank you!
  4. Strange, I think someone else working on the site happened to change that specific product name- so that link was no longer available. I've also determined that meta title wasn't showing because of an extra space inbetween the site name and the dash at the end: "Honda Fairing - CBR1000RR 06-07 Black & Red Decals - Monster Fairings" I'm able to resolve this now, but can someone explain why it removed everything after the space? (ie: - Monster Fairings)
  5. Hello, We've updated all of our meta titles on categories and product recently, however they do not seem to be pulled onto the front end of the site. For example, on this url: http://www.monsterfairings.com/cbr1000rr-06-07-black-red-decals.html The Meta Title in the system is "Honda Fairing - CBR1000RR 06-07 Black & Red Decals - Monster Fairings" On the front end, it is only showing "Honda Fairing - CBR1000RR 06-07 Black & Red Decals" (this is the product name). Shouldn't it be pulling in the Meta title, not the product name? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Actually everything is fine except when products are added to the cart now, and you click into the cart, they disappear. https://www.monsterfairings.com/ Can you advise? The quick responses were much appreciated!
  7. Help! I was making changes to a site based on this string and now the entire site is down, and I can't even access the admin panel. I tried reverting all the changes but I don't see that fixing anything... __ Nevermind it was cached.
  8. Please help urgently! I was making changes to the Link.php and Dispatcher.php files on a site I'm working on, and now the whole site is down! I've put back the original files, but still no change. I can't even access the admin panel. monsterfairings.com
  9. Hello- I'm trying to adjust my URL structure so that a Subcategory would show the top category in the URL. Example: www.site.com/category/subcategory Right now my route to category is: {rewrite}/ But the site only shows: www.site.com/subcategory Any advice? http://www.monsterfairings.com/cbr250rr/ Thanks!
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