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  1. Thanks! That's a great module, I'm sure it'll come in useful for other projects. Unfortunately it isn't doing quite what I wanted, I want to overlay the image so that it appears over the "logo bar" and the menu.
  2. Hi I have Prestashop installed and I'm currently modifying a template. I know that not all templates are created equally but has anyone got any ideas how to drop an image over the top of the page like the "address board" I have marked with an arrow on the attached image? I've tried the HTML box module but when I save the code it gets all of the positioning info stripped out. Many thanks, Justin
  3. I think I had the same problem today, I've uninstalled the Google Analytics module in the hope that I don't lose any more money!
  4. OK, I have the opposite problem, when the customer is logged in it calculates correctly when it's a visitor to the site it defaults to the cheapest delivery Hope you find a solution to your problem!
  5. I know this thread is marked as solved but I'm tearing my hair out here I'd like to hide the shipping costs (PS 1.6) until a customer is logged in. I've searched everywhere but haven't found the solution, any ideas gratefully received!!!
  6. I'm amazed no-one else has had this problem, is it a bug? I just want to hide the shipping cost until a user is logged in.
  7. Is that happening in the cart before the customer has logged in?
  8. Not sure if it helps but here are my settings:
  9. Hi, I hope someone can help me, I have an international store (PrestaShop version and my customers are seeing a shipping charge in their shopping cart before they've logged in. This leads to confusion as once they've added their address the shipping amount changes, customers think they are being ripped off and they abandon the cart. I've done a lot of searching but I can't find a solution that works. I've enabled "Ranges" for each zone in Shipping>carriers>Shipping locations and costs, I've also unchecked Visitor and Guest in group access. Thanks in advance, Justin
  10. I want to create a store for an online pharmacy but it's essential that there is some logic embedded in the system to warn or prevent a customer from buying 2 drugs that may interact with each other. I've had a search in the forums but I've found nothing so far. The system would need to consult a drug interactions database and then act accordingly. Is there a module to do this or do I have to get my coding head on? Has anyone done anything similar? Many thanks, Justin
  11. UPDATE * I got around this problem by logging in to my trusting customer's account, still it would be interesting to know if it's possible to do this* Hi, Sorry if this has been answered before somewhere but I'm struggling to find information that's not out of date. I'm developing a store for a customer and I want to connect the PayPal module to their account. Is there a way for my customer to get their API credentials for me without me having to be in the same room as them to set this up? I want to lock down as much of the back office as I can to prevent accidental configuration changes. If it's not possible for my customer to generate API credentials, what permissions must I eneble in their profile to allow them to configure this themselves? I enabled access to the PayPal module (view and configure) but it doesn't allow PayPal info to be changed. Many thanks, Justin
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