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  1. I upgraded my shop from v1.6.1.17 to v1.6.1.23 and I had 1-click do the backup for prestashop. After the Error 500 state, I wasn't able to do the selection of the Rollback file of for my previous shop version but I know it was backed up because the backup file was listed in the dropdown. Where can I find the backup file in my cpanel?
  2. I am currently running v3.7.1 of Professional Blog [aka "prestablog"] (purchased from PrestaShop add-ons store) with PS v1.6.1.15. So far I feel I have been cheated out of $150! -I can't assign categories to the blog header bar. -News items ONLY display in the Top Level category that is arranged to the very top (all other categories are MIA) -News items assigned to any other category other than the very top arranged are MIA (don't even come up in blog search) -Haven't found a way to rename the "Blog" name on the top of my Home Page -The preview and title fields in the manage News content are just a gigantic picture of my shops Language flag picture -Group permission don't even appear to work...only time any content shows up in blog is when ALL groups are selected for permission for that category What am I doing wrong here or is the add-on a complete joke and waste of money??? Note: using the "default" Prestablog template and the "default" PrestaShop template as well for store and blog.
  3. Just removing the prestablog folder from the modules folder did the trick. THANK YOU for the help rictools, much appreciated!!!
  4. I am copying over the modules folder to my HDD right now...then going to delete the prestablog folder from the modules folder...see if that helps. Then if that doesn't work I will deactivate the modules folder like you suggested. The blog was a new install so nothing added/nothing lost yet at least.
  5. I am guessing re-installing the prestashop v1.7.1.2 over top of the current isn't a good idea either?
  6. I didn't get a backup before it happened, so don't have a copy of the modules folder that is recent.
  7. Please help... I accidentally installed the wrong .zip for prestablog over my shop that was still running During the upload via Import Module in the back office the screen just went blank white. Now both by back office and front office are just 505 error messages. I have already deleted all the following files and nothing helped. cache/smarty/cache cache/smarty/compile img/tmp Trying to get my website back online before a show tomorrow. Thank You in advance! Please note...getting a hold of the developer is not an option as the send feedback to the developer says they are on vacation. website url... www.brokenboxr.com
  8. janbyte, Thanks for that tip. I finally had time to look into this and got it fixed by adding a 241 value to the id_address field as you stated...thanks for the help!
  9. I tried to locate the database in my cpanel but don't see one for abandoned carts...is it under another name?
  10. v1.6.1.1 Please help...after deleting the abandoned shopping carts in my PrestaShop backoffice I now get the following exception every time I try to access the Customer Shopping Carts: Invalid address #241 at line 401 in file classes/Address.php 396. // if an id_address has been specified retrieve the address397. if ($id_address) {398. $address = new Address((int)$id_address);399. 400. if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($address)) {401. throw new PrestaShopException('Invalid address #'.(int)$id_address);402. }403. } elseif ($with_geoloc && isset($context->customer->geoloc_id_country)) {404. $address = new Address();405. $address->id_country = (int)$context->customer->geoloc_id_country;406. $address->id_state = (int)$context->customer->id_state; AddressCore::initialize - [line 197 - classes/tax/Tax.php] - [1 Arguments] TaxCore::getProductEcotaxRate - [line 610 - classes/Cart.php] - [1 Arguments] CartCore->getProducts - [line 3324 - classes/Cart.php] CartCore->isVirtualCart - [line 1464 - classes/Cart.php] CartCore->getOrderTotal - [line 1392 - classes/Cart.php] - [2 Arguments] CartCore::getTotalCart - [line 854 - controllers/admin/AdminCartsController.php] - [3 Arguments] AdminCartsControllerCore->getOrderTotalUsingTaxCalculationMethod - [line - ] - [2 Arguments] call_user_func_array - [line 321 - classes/helper/HelperList.php] - [2 Arguments] HelperListCore->displayListContent - [line 156 - classes/helper/HelperList.php] HelperListCore->generateList - [line 914 - controllers/admin/AdminCartsController.php] - [2 Arguments] AdminCartsControllerCore->renderList - [line 2023 - classes/controller/AdminController.php] AdminControllerCore->initContent - [line 189 - classes/controller/Controller.php] ControllerCore->run - [line 367 - classes/Dispatcher.php] DispatcherCore->dispatch - [line 58 - admin/index.php]
  11. Using PS v1.5.6.2 and all of the mail items for invoices, credit slips, etc. all have an older shop_name instead of the new one that I have assigned under the Preferences>Store Contacts>Shop name. Please help. The Shop name is being updated on the Web browser tab, but no matter what I do I cannot get it to update everywhere esle.
  12. The other thing I would caution users about is not to use ® in any of the product descriptions either....your description will be abruptly truncated right before the ® mark if you are using the Import CSV function! If you're entering it from the PrestaShop UI you're ok...but your gonna be in trouble with the CSV import.
  13. PrestaShop v1.5.6.2 Same problem here too. Problem #1 Try to add additional shipping cost to the product(s) under the Catalog>Products>Edit function and no additional shipping cost is added to each products at checkout. Problem #2 Try to add additional shipping cost a Products(s) Category as a whole under the Module>UPS Carier setup and again....no additional shipping cost add to the shopping cart! Even worse the shopping cart says "FREE SHIPPING!" verbatim instead...NOT cool!
  14. Apparently when I attempt to quote the error here it goes completely blank when you save it.
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