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  1. Tak som pisal poskytovatelovi sluzieb a ten mi tam nahral staru databazu a uz to frci....
  2. Ahoj Od mojho poskytovatela hostingu som si dal vytiahnut zo zalohy moj e-shop ktory som mal nefunkcny. Vytiahli mi ho zo zalohy ja som upravil subor config/settings.inc a aj tak mi stale vypisuje hlasku : Invalid loadConfiguration() SQL query! Vie mi niekto pomoct ? Dakujem
  3. Ahoj Skusal som tie linky v ulpne poslednom prispevku ohladom reklamacii a vratenia tovaru pre prestashop 1.0 ale ked som chcel vyskusat vratenie tovaru v prestashope 1.4.017 tak mi neukazuje policko na zaskrknutie, ktory tovar vratit. Nema niekto skusenosti ohladom vratenia tovaru vo verzi 1.4.017, pripadne mal uz niekto takyto problem, a ako ho vyriesil. Dik moc za odpoved.
  4. Hello everybody, When customer make an order he doesnt receive notification via email. These troubles were happened only when customers have email addresses in some slovak email providers (centrum.sk, zoznam.sk) For example gmail runs OK. Does anybody know why was this happened? Could using of theme affect it? Thank you for your reply in advance
  5. Ahojte Mam taky problem nainstaloval som si prestu a zacal upravovat, pri skuske zaregistrovat sa ako zakaznik mi nechcu chodit maily o potrvdeni ze som si nieco kupil ako zakaznik a v akom stave je moja objednavka a pritom registracia prebehla uspesne. Skusal som to na gmaily tam mi to islo zo zaciatku v pohode ale ako nahle som to skusil zo slovenskym zoznamom alebo centrumom tak tak neslo. Nemoze to byt temou? alebo to treba upravit v kode? Videl som tu na fore podobne temy ale moc mi to nepomohlo. Nemal momentalne niekto podobny problem? Prosim ak ano poradte moc by pomohlo. Diky
  6. Hello everybody, I have one question, this problem is probably here on forum and solved but I could not find it. I want to change URL from http://www.mydomain.sk/category.php?id_category=80 to http://www.mydomain.sk/pruduct_name . Or from http://www.mydomain.sk/category.php?id_category=16 to http://www.mydomain.sk/category_name Could anyone help me?
  7. Can anybody explain me how to change on main page heading FEATURED PRODUCTS into my language? I could not find this possibility in backoffice and I could not find tpl file with this section as well... Thanks
  8. V.I.P. Thanks a lot for your reply I will try it when I come home...Then I will inform you
  9. Thank you for your reply but it didn ´t help me.. This module is additional menu but I would like to set up existing menu in mentioned theme...
  10. Hello everybody, I am new here. I would like to set up horizontal menus (links) in theme (link below) but I don´t know where I can do that. Is it necessary to install some additional module? http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/63798/themes/free_theme
  11. Hello could somebody help me? I would like to set up horizontal menus in this theme but I don´t know where I can do that. Is it necessary to install some additional module?
  12. Dear all, Could somebody help me with this problem? I installed module Email alert v 2.2. I expected that when somebody makes order I will be notificated by email. Even though it does not work. When I make some test order, customer received two emails but me as purchaser nothing. Please check attached file with setup of Email alert Thank you in advance
  13. lp.boe Thanks a lot!!! only problem was that I did not rename that module!
  14. lp.boe Sure, I tried to add also Core News Module v.0.8, but after succesful uploading I could not find it in the module list. Can somebody shortly explain me how to install this module to make my own blog on my website?
  15. Hi everybody, This modules were recommended to me because I want to add my own articles to my e-shop. Installation of News categories module v0.6 was done without any problem but when I tried to set up this module, I could not do anythink - there was only name of the module on the screen (please check attachment) Can anybody help me how to sucesfully instal this module to have my own blog on my website? Thank you
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