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  1. Maybe it's something to do with where I upload the php file? I uploaded it to the themes' directory > modules > productscategory > productscategory.php
  2. This client has domain names on one host, and the server at another one. The back office I'm not sure of, I don't believe it's Cpanel since it looks a lot different. I will ask them and see.
  3. If I'd like to have a multishop with different domains, how do I do that? And do I need to have the domains at the same host as I have my server? Thanks!
  4. Thanks Vekia, I've cleared it (also have it on force comp and no cache while I work on this website), but still doesn't show just 4. :/
  5. I tried to change this in productscategory.php $category_products = $category->getProducts($this->context->language->id, 1, 10); /* 10 products max. */ To: $category_products = $category->getProducts($this->context->language->id, 1, 4); /* 4 products max. */ But it still shows more than that. Anyone got a good solution to limit it?
  6. Woops, forgot about that the 1.6 probably uses different codes now. So used {hook h="MENU2"} instead and now it doesn't give off that error. Still can't transplant the menu to it though. Should I change this in the blocktopmenu.tpl to something else? public function hookdisplayMenu2($params) { return $this->hookhome($params, 'displayMenu2'); } Thank you for your help! It's very helpful to use this forum, I get to learn fast.
  7. Not sure why I get this warning. Sure it's not visible when I don't have dev mode on, but still wonder what it is. Anyone know? Warning: trim() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /storage/content/21/104221/website.se/public_html/classes/Tools.php on line 1144
  8. Replaced {$HOOK_displayMenu2} with {$HOOK_MENU2} in header.tpl. Yes, the new hook appears in the database. I still get this Notice: Undefined index: HOOK_MENU2 in /storage/content/21/104221/website.se/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/87/88/21/878821c06e433b5fc177942e9804ae4e0e6f5a4c.file.header.tpl.php on line 160 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /storage/content/21/104221/website.se/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/87/88/21/878821c06e433b5fc177942e9804ae4e0e6f5a4c.file.header.tpl.php on line 160
  9. Yes, adblocker can be a bit tricky. I have allowed the domain in adblocker. If I pause adblocker all together it still looks that way. :/
  10. If I go to edit a product in Chrome, the list takes up the whole page and is not clickable (nothing happens). If I instead open up back office in Firefox the list takes up a normal amount of the page (to have a place for what's going to open when I click the links) and the links work. Not sure if this is already something someone else have noticed or if it's something weird with my installation?
  11. The homepage works but if I click a product page this comes up: Strict Standards: Declaration of FrontControllerCore::addCSS() should be compatible with ControllerCore::addCSS($css_uri, $css_media_type = 'all', $offset = NULL) in /storage/content/21/104221/website.se/public_html/override/controllers/FrontController.php on line 1154 Fatal error: Call to undefined method ProductController::useMobileTheme() in /storage/content/21/104221/website.se/public_html/controllers/front/ProductController.php on line 40 Maybe it's easier if I just backup products and the theme (, then re-install the whole thing into 1.6?
  12. It was I downloaded the now and opened up a fresh defines, overwrote the one in the ftp with the new one. After that it all works, however I wonder if there's any other files that have gone wrong during the upgrade. Hopefully not, and if they have then I guess I'll notice somehow along the way. Thank you so much for your help!
  13. Staring at line 56 I have: /* Directories */ define('_PS_ROOT_DIR_', realpath($currentDir.'/..')); define('_PS_CLASS_DIR_', _PS_ROOT_DIR_.'/classes/'); define('_PS_CONTROLLER_DIR_', _PS_ROOT_DIR_.'/controllers/'); define('_PS_FRONT_CONTROLLER_DIR_', _PS_ROOT_DIR_.'/controllers/front/'); define('_PS_ADMIN_CONTROLLER_DIR_', _PS_ROOT_DIR_.'/controllers/admin/');
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