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  1. yes jgamio you are right. i know that i have to do the point you mentioned to get what i need but i was not sure. thanks to you to clarify my doubts.. thanks yaniv14 for your suggestion.
  2. hi friends i am developing my new shop with default bootstrap theme. i have to display cart block in right column and product category in left column in desktop view. and i need to display cart block followed by logo and category block after that in mobile site view... its possible...
  3. i created a php file "city_session.php" in root folder with following code, /*----------------city_session.php-------------------*/ <?php include 'config/config.inc.php' ; include 'init.php' ; Context::getContext()->cookie->city="chennai"; //echo Context::getContext()->cookie->city; ?> /*-------------------------------*/ and call it via normal jquer ajax... globa.js $('#mycity').click(function(){ var city=$('#mycity').text(); $(this).parent().hide(); $(this).parent().prev().hide(); $.ajax({ url: 'city_session.php', type: "POST", datatype: 'json', data: "city_value="+city, success: function (jsonData) { //alert(jsonData); $('.shop-phone').append('<span>City :'+jsonData+'</span>'); } }); }); }); /*--------------------------------*/ header.tpl {if !isset($cookie->city)} <div id="graybg"> </div> <div id="city_select_div"> Select your city : <div id="mycity">MYCITY</div> </div> {/if} /*---------------------------*/
  4. hi friends, i want to display product size variants (such as L,M.S) in product list page..can you tell me how to do it??? thanks in advance...
  5. hi friends, i am a new to php and prestashop, now i am working in online grocery shop site. what i need is when a customer entered into the site,first they want to select their city. once they select their city, the page never ask to select city till the session expire.. i wrote jquery ajax for this.it works fine first time and display the session $_SESSION['city'] variable value. if i refresh the page the {if !isset($smarty.cookies.city)} condition does not work again.. help me.. header.tpl -------------------------------- {if !isset($smarty.session.city)} <div id="graybg"> </div> <div id="city_select_div"> Select your city : <div id="mycity">MYCITY</div> </div> {/if} global.js ----------------- $('#mycity').click(function(){ var city=$('#mycity').text(); $(this).parent().hide(); $(this).parent().prev().hide(); $.ajax({ url: 'themes/default-bootstrap/city_session.php', type: "POST", datatype: 'json', data: "city_value="+city, success: function (jsonData) { $('.shop-phone').append('<span>City :'+jsonData+'</span>'); } }); }); ----------------------- city_session.php ------------------------ <?php echo $_SESSION['city']=$_REQUEST['city_value']; ?>
  6. ohh...thanks for your suggestion. is there any other e-commerce solution available to achievethis?
  7. hi friends, is there any way to force user to select city at the first time he entered into the site. and display products based on the selected city.like that the image here.
  8. i have to display products by manufacturers as well as brands. but all the payment module treats manufacturers as brands. for ex: In India the manufacturer HINDUSTAN UNILEVER had many brands such as AXE(deodorant), Pepsodent (toothpaste). deodorant, toothpaste are categories.. have do i do it? see this link.. http://www.hul.co.in/brands-in-action/view-brands.aspx.. Manufacturer : Hindustan Unilever Limited. they have brands : AXE,LUX,DOVE and so on.. i have to display Products by Manufacturer and by brands.. help!..
  9. hi all, i have the http://www.presta-sms.com/ free sms module and its works with free of credits. but i buy an sms credit from local SMS servervice provide, i have the sms api, //http://sms.site.co.in/sendsms?uname=yourUsername&pwd=yourPassword&senderid=yourSenderid&to=9444xxxxxx,9400xxxxxx,8129xxxxxx&msg=yourMessage&route=A. how do change it on that module.. please help... thanks in advance...
  10. hi all, myshop contains more than 20,000 products without images.. is there any way to upload images for all products refered by products name using .csv or other method. please help, thanks in advance...
  11. its working... /tools/swift/Swift/Plugin/MailSend.php (around line 158) Old: $headers = $headers->build(); New: $headers = $headers->build(); $params = ""; /tools/swift/Swift/Message.php (around line 79) Old: $this->setFrom(""); New: $this->setFrom("[email protected]"); thanks to all...
  12. when going to create a new wishlist in wish list its cant crate a wishlist. i entered wishlist name in text field and click save button the page load and shows empty wish list.. please help.. site link : http://kumudhamstore.com/
  13. my topic link here, http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/314254-back-link-url-with-out-php-extension-on-address-bar/?do=findComment&comment=1590520
  14. hi all, when i trying to login via left column mywishlist button,after fill the login details it raise 404 error. because the the variable "back" in the address bar look like http://kumudhamstore.com/index.php?controller=authentication&back=http%3A%2F%2Fkumudhamstore.com%2Findex%3Ffc%3Dmodule%26module%3Dblockwishlist%26controller%3Dmywishlist. without .php extension... help me...
  15. i changed the image path in pdf/header.tpl {if $logo_path} <img src="{$logo_path}" style="width:{$width_logo}px; height:{$height_logo}px;" /> {/if} to {if $logo_path} <img src="www.prestacart/img/logo_invoice.jpg." /> {/if} now it work fine....
  16. hi all, when i going to delete products in cart block it removed and work as fine... but if i delete a product from cart summary page, it removes product from summary list but not update cart block it give error ReferenceError: currencyFormat is not defined in /cart-summary.js. please help... mysite link :http://kumudhamstore.com/index.php?
  17. hi all, when i click confirm my order button the following error occurs. TCPDF ERROR: [image] Unable to get image: http://img/logo_invoice.jpg. please help....
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