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  1. More info about the problem... I found one template that works... That's the order confirmation... See attached. But looks like it only works on chrome, on IE it still shows a broken link. I checked the email templates and they all have similar code to attach the image. Any ideas?
  2. I noticed some of the default email templates that goes to the shop admin and to the customer (not all of them) are displaying a broken logo at the top. See attached image for details. Any idea on how to fix this? Thanks :-)
  3. O modulo dos correios nao instala na versao 1.6. O modulo do pagseguro instala, mas somente atualizou o status inicial de "Iniciado" para "Aguardando Pagamento". Depois de efetuar o pagamento, o status nao atualiza mais. Eu tentei a versao mais nova do modulo (1.8), e essa nem atualiza o status inicial, ficando sempre como "Iniciado". Tenho outra loja usando o paypal, e tudo funciona 100%. Tentei entrar em contato com os desenvolvedores do pagseguro ha algum tempo atras, mas eles nao respondem. Minha conta esta configurada para utilizar pagamentos via API, moeda como Real, mas nao funciona...
  4. I will have to agree. I spend another chunk of time on this, and found more stuff: install layered navigation block reset wishlist add / reset dashboard trends add / reset dashboard products remove dashboard activity remove favorite products remove image slider for your homepage reset featured products on the homepage add / reset new produts block Then, I still need to fix the header, the top, the left column, etc etc. It's too much work. Since I'm just starting the shop, it's easier to just export the content and start from scratch... I don't see how the prestashop team will be able to fix this one...
  5. Ok, things are already start to look better! Besides configuring the hooks as above, you also need to configure the module "theme configurator", and enable everything there to be like the fresh install (or customize to your needs). Then, you need to go to Preferences -> Themes, and change the options to look like the attachment... Now the bottom of the site is fixed, I will try to fix the header...
  6. Thanks Prestamax! You provided a very good insight on how to perhaps fix the issue! I installed a fresh copy of 1.6, and you can see here, it works perfectly: http://testpresta2.trueseeing.com/ Now, comparing the upgraded site with the new one, the modules enabled and the positions are not the same. 1.6 upgraded footer 1.6 fresh footer The header is also different. I will post it later and perhaps this can help others fix it by reordering their headers / footers
  7. Looks like mine, see this thread: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/315549-upgrade-breaks-1562-theme-easy-to-reproduce/
  8. try this one, same issue http://www.allthingsccg.com/admin7023/index.php
  9. Strange. I checked my theme options, and there is no 1.5 / 1.6, only default-bootstrap, selected by default!
  10. I tried this on 2 separate sites I have, from and to 1.6. Both pretty much standard install, and both horribly broken after the upgrade: http://www.allthingsccg.com/index.php http://testpresta.trueseeing.com/index.php I guess the only solutions: 1 - Install from scratch and avoid the headaches? 2 - Install a new store, and compare the modules / hooks to try to restore the upgraded site to the correct setting? Any other ideas? Did the prestashop team even test a simple upgrade scenario, going from stock to 1.6? It should work, but it doesn't
  11. Hi All, I'm using prestashop, and trying the following: shop domain: www.allthingsmtg.com ssl domain: allthingsmtg.com The reason why is because I want to have cloudfare enabled for the main domain, but since the free version does not support ssl, bypass it for the SSL portion of the site... Unfortunately, prestashop does not like the configuration above, and the cookie does not get preserved. I found an old post that says this was fixed: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/194004-solved-cart-contents-disappear-when-switching-to-ssl-subdomain-prestashop-15/ But I checked the newer code on config.inc, and it looks different: /* Instantiate cookie */ $cookie_lifetime = (int)(defined('_PS_ADMIN_DIR_') ? Configuration::get('PS_COOKIE_LIFETIME_BO') : Configuration::get('PS_COOKIE_LIFETIME_FO')); $cookie_lifetime = time() + (max($cookie_lifetime, 1) * 3600); if (defined('_PS_ADMIN_DIR_')) $cookie = new Cookie('psAdmin', '', $cookie_lifetime); else { if ($context->shop->getGroup()->share_order) $cookie = new Cookie('ps-sg'.$context->shop->getGroup()->id, '', $cookie_lifetime, $context->shop->getUrlsSharedCart()); else { $domains = null; if ($context->shop->domain != $context->shop->domain_ssl) $domains = array($context->shop->domain_ssl, $context->shop->domain); $cookie = new Cookie('ps-s'.$context->shop->id, '', $cookie_lifetime, $domains); } } $context->cookie = $cookie; Any ideas on how to fix it? I'm attaching my htaccess for reference. EDIT: I also tried to disable the friendly URLs as suggested in another post, no success... Thanks! :-) htaccess.txt
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