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  1. The file category.tpl is in themes/default-bootstrap Correct?
  2. Don't work.. I made this: <div class="content_scene_cat_bg"{if $category->id_image} style="background:url({$link->getCatImageLink($category->link_rewrite, $category->id_image, 'category_default')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}) right center no-repeat; background-size:cover; min-height:150px;"{/if}> in the themes/default-bootstrap/category.tpl It's correct?
  3. Hi, I want to reduce the height of image of the category.. now is min-height 217px.. Is it possible to reduce? This is the link http://shop.sospersonalcomputer.it/23-macbook Thank you
  4. Hi to all, in the hooks image of the default template I added the opacity properties. It's ok in Mozilla and in Explorer but not in Chrome. The web site is http://shop.sospersonalcomputer.it/ Can it be solved? Thank you
  5. Hi, How can I create a new static page in my prestashop site? Thank you
  6. Ciao a tutti, come si fa a creare una nuova pagina da mettere poi nel topmenu? Sono andato in BLOCCO CMS ma non trovo come fare.. Grazie Ciao
  7. - display the image border.. - turn white the image.. or other.. always easy
  8. Hi, is it possibile to add a effect to a image when the mouse is over? For example the 5 images in the default template, hook "home". thank you
  9. Ciao a tutti, non riesco a trovare dove è impostato il grassetto nella parola "carrello" che appare nel modulo del carrello che appare nell'homepage.. Qualcuno mi da una mano? Grazie
  10. Ciao a tutti, ho impostato il font "open sans" dal live configurator, salvo il tutto ma il sito web non cambia.. Da cosa può dipendere? Grazie ciao
  11. Or copy only the css and the other file modified. Is it important update prestashop ?
  12. Is it possibile to disable the option view: grid or list because creates wrong pagination after the changes made. It's better remove it
  13. Perfect!! You are the best.. But if I update in the future prestashop.. I lost all this changes of css and tpl ? Grazie
  14. Thank you. And about the "aggiungi al carrello"? I don't find the line in the css
  15. For example this page http://shop.sospersonalcomputer.it/38-wi-fi I want to reduce the font of the description of the article, the price and the informations that appears when the mouse go over the image..
  16. Hi, in the page of a product, is it possibile to disable the option to zoom the product? Thank you
  17. Hi, is it possibile to reduce the font about the page that appers when I go in a category? It's too big in the web site..
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