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  1. Bonjour à tous! J'ai un problème récurrent depuis les derniers jours: ma boutique est souvent inaccessible (lag) et également déclarée "offline" sur mes statistiques pingdom.. le temps de réponse est passé de <2sec a >10-infini sec, et je n'arrive pas à trouver la cause. En utilisant le "waterfall" dans les outils de pingdom (http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/), je crois avoir trouvé une piste, il se passe qque chose dans les premiers échanges qui semble être la cause du ralentissement: une nouvelle opération semble prendre place qui n'était pas là auparavant: http://boutique.com/ http://www.boutique.com/ http://www.boutique.com/en/ http://www.boutique.com/en/?redirected http://www.boutique.com/en/ J'ai cherché partout, mais je ne trouve rien de relié à "/?redirected" avec prestashop Quelqu'un a déjà vu ça? Un indice sur la cause ou sur l'origine de cette ligne? Un module peut être? J'en ai testé plusieurs, mais rien ne change... La connexion semble "laggé" plusieurs secondes sur cette étape (parfois à l'infini!) N'importe quel tuyau serait vraiment utile!! Merci
  2. Hello everyone! I got a problem since the last few days: my store is often shown as "down" on my pingdom stats as the response time went from 2sec to 10-infiinite quite often now. I can't figure out what went wrong, but using the waterfall in the pingdom tools (http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/) to see which file/part could make it slow, I have seen a new line which was not there before: http://website.com/ http://www.website.com/ http://www.website.com/en/ http://www.website.com/en/?redirected http://www.website.com/en/ I have search around, but I have found nothing at all related to a "/?redirected" with prestashop Has anyone ever seen it? Any clue what could cause it or where it comes from? The store always seems to lag because of it... Thank you very much for any cue!!
  3. Bien sur! Je croyais avoir répondu a ce message, mais on dirait bien que non! Je vous donne donc le lien en PM
  4. Hum.. if nothing happend my guess is that you didn't changed it at the right place. Do you have a theme? Have you modified yout theme files? Could you post your code maybe?
  5. Tout à l'air bien sur ce module! Et ca m'aura permis d'en apprendre sur memcache et eAccelerator Le mystère reste entier...!
  6. Bonjour! En me rendant dans Configuration Information > Advanced Parameters > Check your configurationJ'ai ces deux lignes: Required parameters: Please fix the following error(s) Optional parameters: OK Avec la première en rouge spéfiant qu'il y a des erreurs à corriger... mais sans spécifier lesquelles.. Comment savoir? Ou dois-je regarder pour ces erreurs? Merci de m'éclairer!!
  7. I have no clue how this got fixed but it seems fine now... I hate when bugs fix themself without learning something from them
  8. Hello! I know it's probably some work! I did try to modify it myself but it ended up pretty badly Maybe only a simple one could do it for now? We could always play with it with css after.. it's just sad because it's a veny nice and clean popup but I simply can't use it as of now because my website is responsive. Elseway is there a way I could disable it under some screen resolution? Merci!!
  9. For version it's still in /classes/Validate.php but it's a different line at the beginning of the file : const PASSWORD_LENGTH = 5;
  10. Hello! Have you figured out why it's not working with your shop? Start by changing the "Free shipping" to "Free shipping-TEST" and see if anything happen
  11. Thanks! I keep looking and finally finally found this too which solved it for me! http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/335521-prestashop-friends-url-with-strange-characters-at-the-end-of-url/ http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/285720-solved-tracking-token-characters-at-the-end-of-url/
  12. Hello! I get the same thing... How did you got rid of it exactly? Which template are you refering to here?T Thank you!
  13. Any experts around? Could someone else test it on their shop please?
  14. 10 jours plus tard, toujours aucune nouvelle, personne ne semble avoir jeté un oeil au problème. Est-ce normal? Merci
  15. Me again! Have you had a chance to work on the responsiveness of this module?
  16. I made a supply order on and it messed up my product quantities the first time I used it, everything was double. So I cancelled this new supply order, and the quantities were then good (!!?!?). So I get a cancelled order but the stock has been added aniway. This makes no sense at all... As well, it's still not making packs quantity automated on the quantity of the items it contains, kindda useless. I'm not sure ASM is ready to be used yet, I have seen many complains all around, and that was my experience with it
  17. I think that as stupid as it sounds, it's simply not possible yet with pack, they don't set their quantities based on the product they contain... kindda unbeliveable, no? Please someone tell me i'm wrong?
  18. I need the same, but showing the product at 0. Putting 0 in "Automatically load products" actually brings products with 1 as well... :/
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