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  1. i was in my server and notice this file under my HOME DIR filename.sql Not sure why its there - if someone the correct name they can get access to it, It looks like a mySQL dump Can I delete this file and how did it get there?
  2. using 1.5.6 See Image.. What our issue is on the Product Page that view all the products 1. Some of our Product Name is going to the TOP RIGHT of the Image then the rest of the Product name is going under the Image 2. How do we get the FG to show on the same line as the Rest of the Product name 3. We did change the the truncate from 25 - 50 to remove the ... - /home/DIR/public_html/themes/theme732/product-list.tpl - Line 50 - Changed truncate:25: to 50 <h5><a class="product_link" href="{$product.link|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" title="{$product.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}">{$product.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'|truncate:50:'...'}</a></h5> 4. I just tried to change it back to 25 and the FG still show there. - THis is happening on some but NOT ALL products
  3. I Think what i'm looking for is the ORDER of the manuacture or product Do we need to buy a MOD? as i'm not sure PS has this?
  4. We would like to show a certain Manufacture 1st on all of our category pages. then have the rest of the manufactures products under it. How do we do this.
  5. We would like to add a MiniSlider module (could use another module) to a CMS page that we made As we would like to have some images rotating in our new CMS page using 1.5.6 1. Is it simple - if so how 2. Are we asking to much for PS
  6. Hi we are trying to change the size of our accessory image sizes on our product page. 1. Our accessories image is just a tad to small (SEE IMAGE) 2. I'm just wondering it uses the same image size as the NEW PRODUCTS on the right hand side (See image in red) I would like to send you to our site but we have it in maintance mode and requires and IP address (if you want pm me and i can add you in) See Image thanks
  7. Hi we are trying to solve this 1. when you click on a PRODUCT (OLD.JPG) - it show us this -$20.00 $247.95 You Save $227.95 2. What we want is this (NEW.jpg) $247.95 You Save $20.00 $227.95 How do we do this without know to much about coding - I know my way around but that about it. here is a picture Note: if you would like in to our site its in maintance mode please send me a private msg with your IP so you can view.. our site.. Thanks for any help
  8. So I understand what Is the product Image tied to in the Image Pref's
  9. I'm having some issues getting my images the correct size on my Product pages. 1. We are trying to upload this lungflush.jpg that is w- 519 height - 550 2. Now look at our screen shot of the product as you can see it VERY VERY Small on the screen - I have tried the setting but can't get it to take the full product image area 3. here is a screen shot of my Image Preferences as well Note: My we have turned on Enable JqZoom instead of Thickbox on the product page example doesn't show it.
  10. Not sure if that helps me out. As we have products that are $19.99 and if we add in the discount of $10.00 it should come up as $9.99
  11. PrestaShop™ I installed PS with default English - and French 1. I have used the Translation Tool in the admin and done about 99.9% of my words. 2. But now I can't seem to find 2 or more words to translate in to french.. - I find them in the Front Office translations for the theme i'm using - But they will NOT translate I have looked everywhere for it.. the word is in the SITE MAP Our store - ENGLISH Nos Magasin - French (this is wrong) needs to be NOTRE MAGASIN I have spent about 5 hours trying to find this word and can't Any idea's?
  12. Thanks but that didn't not work.. I turned off US and just left CDN there but still not working
  13. PrestaShop™ We are trying to have a SALE We want our item that is $1000 to take off $10 But when We go to the Prices - Pre-tax retail price $1000 - Tax Rule is set to CA (for canada for only GST and if in QB for There tax) Then I go to Specific Prices - Apply a discount of 10.00 (AMOUNT) So now when I go and check out my product It shows $10.00 $1,000.00 On sale! $990.48 (this should be $990 - why is it showing the .48cents?) Note: I see that THE DISCOUNT is applied after the tax - Dont' understand why this is? So how then can we have an item on sale and take off $10 from the Pre-Tax price and show it on the screen? thanks
  14. I'm trying to add in an image to my maintenance.tpl page for my site when its in offline mode for updates or development. Need help as this page has weird code in it, just not sure how to add thanks Trying to add this to my Maintenance Page - but not sure where and how as its not showing (does a smartphone use the same maintenance page or is a completely different one as how do I test the page out if I remove my IP from the list.. to see the page work from my desktop) <img src="https://fgproshop.com/Image-Maint/homepage-comingsoon.jpg"> ---- <body> <div id="maintenance"> <p><img src="{$logo_url}" {if $logo_image_width}width="{$logo_image_width}"{/if} {if $logo_image_height}height="{$logo_image_height}"{/if} alt="logo" /><br /><br /></p> <p id="message"> {l s='FG Pro Shop is getting a new Website.'}<br /><br /> {l s='We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you please try again later.'} </p> <span style="clear:both;"> </span> </div> </body> </html> ---
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