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  1. Hello, everyone How are you today ? May I ask you guys something? I have problem about all product picture in homepage and categories page. While I mouse over on all product picture in website, all picture it will disappear. I already record this problem so you guys can see my problem, please click here for view. You guys have seen this problem before? I try to fix this in product-list.tpl and product.tpl, but it doesn't work, I don't know how to do. Anyone can suggest me ? Thank you.
  2. Hello, Good developer of prestashop. As you know, prestashop it has function discount inside customer group. But i need to increase price by group instead discount ! EX. increase 10 % Price 100 USD, but customer must pay 110 USD. So .... what yours guy thinking ? Is it possible to modify it ? Thank you.
  3. Hello. They can't help me. it's possible to edit code to refresh page when customer click log out. Thank you.
  4. Hello. I already try but it doesn't work. Thank you.
  5. Hello. Problem is when i click "Log out" website still show same page. But if i refresh it, it will show log in page. Every time i have to refresh page for log in again. Now i fix file "Cookie.php" and change code $this->_expire = is_null($expire) ? time() + 0 : (int)$expire; and disable cache but it not working. Please help Thank you.
  6. Hello Milos, If i want to add one CMS page, what code should i write. I try {if $smarty.get.id_cms==40 OR $smarty.get.id_cms==41} but it's not working. Best regards, IT
  7. Hello. this is a registration form i edit right now. i think it's simple one. Thank you.
  8. Hello. I need to add 4 field in registration form after password field. 1.City 2.Country 3.Phone Number 4.Type of business What file i should fix ? Please help ! Thanks. ps. PrestaShop
  9. i add code as you told but page still display. i add code like this Did i do somet่hing wrong?, Please tell me. Thank you sir
  10. Hi. I'm sorry but i kinda don't understand. let me explain again. I want to hide only one cms page. Not all of it. only user can see this page. Because that page is order page. Visitor can't see it. Right now i add this cms page to mega meun but i'm not hide yet. It's alright if you write the code for hide cms page for me ? Thanks again. Ps. id_cms=40
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