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  1. This problem has been solved, thank you to those who have posted on similar topics, this information was extremely useful and proved to be enough.. regards dbug
  2. I have configured my new installation of Prestashop with a custom theme from TemplateTuning, all is going well and I have begun loading some product to test shipping and tax modules. My problem is that the tax is not being applied to items in the shopping cart, nor during any of the checkout process. I have created a zone called Australia and have also created the Localized tax item (GST), I also created the Tax Rule and called it AU-GST (10%) On the page where I create the Tax Rules, the bottom half of the screen shows me all of the Countries associated with this tax and I cannot find anywhere to add this information. Any help at this stage would be much appreciated, I have read all literature and checked all menus and items for the option of assigning a tax to a country. regards dbug
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