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  1. Hi guys, Pls have a look at http://www.cityfixie.com.au/diy/customize.html I need to link a javascript page to the prestashop cart So after a customer has chosen all his desired colors etc, he should be able to add the item to cart and we should be able to receive his order at our backend with his chosen color configurations Pls advice how much it would cost for this project Thanks and regards
  2. Hi guys The contact me page on my site doesnt seem to work no matter how I configure it http://www.cityfixie.com.au/contact-form.php In the backend, Ive inputted the email in every place possible and under the "test" place, its able to send a test email using our email I've read somewhere that the email must be [email protected] , which Ive tried but still no success Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone
  3. Hi guys, Basically I sell bikes online and I've got someone to create a javascript which allows users to customize the bikes. Now the challenge is that I want buyers to be able to submit their designed bike to me so there should be a way to link the "submit" button on the java to the shopping cart? I've been advised I need to find the payment interface of prestashop so that I can link everything together? But this is beyond me. Any input will be greatly appreciated Please see attached image for the javascript which is to be linked with the shopping cart Thanks everyone
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