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  1. I have been using the Presto ChangeO module for about 6 months now, had no issues with it!
  2. Hey all, I noticed today on my front office on one product at the end of the description was a _ mark that was a link. It led to this site: http://toolserver.org/~geohack/geohack.php?pagename=Greenville,_California&params=40_8_24_N_120_57_5_W_type:city(1160)_region:US-CA I may have copy and pasted that in by accident when I was still adding products, as otherwise it seems very odd. I do not recall looking at that particular page. I simply deleted the link in the description from the back office and all is well. No other signs of anything like this anywhere else. Assuming this was not a goof of some sort on my part (which it probably is) how would this happen, and does Geohack just have a scary sounding name but is really a safe thing...they seem to have a lot of links on Wikipedia. Thanks!
  3. Rocky, can that bit of code be added to anywhere in the .htacess file or does it need to reside in a certain place/order?
  4. Does this basically allow you to do an across the board price increase on all products?
  5. Did you have any luck with this? I am not able to get my USPS tracking to show up correctly, always goes to a page USPS says it can't find!
  6. SOLVED (for me anyways) Missing search file, not sure why or how it was deleted!! (Thanks Tomer!)
  7. The actual error I get is the red triangle and "We're sorry, but the Web address you entered is no longer available "
  8. I have tried re-building the index in the back office in the preferences tab but that does not seem to do it. On my test site I get a 404 page not found, is the search link just pointing to the wrong place? Where can I change that?
  9. I am having the same issue, search works in back office but in front office just displays a "page not found" in red. Any ideas?
  10. Do I need a secret handshake? Where do I find this module?
  11. I there a site to see a demo, is it the same one as the Prestastore offers?
  12. Hey all I read the interview here: http://www.prestashop.com/blog/article/the_interview_of_the_month_remi_prestabox_project_manager/ Where in advice to merchants it is said to: If you are a merchant, set up a second authentication on your Back-Office with htaccess / htpasswd, or ask your service provider to integrate it. Is there some more info on integrating this, or step by step with this for PS? Is this just a fail safe against logging in with only your password to access the back office? What are some other ways to help secure access to your back office besides a strong password?
  13. I am also curious about this and would like to know. Can you edit product price or just shipping price and add products?
  14. Yeah that part is for sure, true, a block appears and you can click on it to pop open the box, but for me it rarely works, the thickbox open but the default text is not there...it seems to work on some pages but not the main one. its weird.
  15. This is my experience too badger, however when using the pp api I get a page that has the full credit card fill in details exposed on one side and log into PP account on the other side of the page. I am using the api and have had a few orders already and seems to work ok, but I do not get the experience Rocky mentioned.
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