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  1. Anybody? Need a real help here. I have try running the new version of prestashop locally turn out there works properly. Is it about the version or another things?
  2. Hi, I found my website did not work properly on IE and Firefox, but works on Chrome. When I try to login, it does not redirect me to the account page. Also, when I try to the item to cart it overlaps the item on cart. When I do check out the cart is empty. Can somebody tell me what's wrong with it? The website url: http://www.salesking.com.au/ My prestashop version: Thank you.
  3. Thanks guys. Turn out the SSL have expired since last year. The website already run smoothly again!
  4. Sure vekia, here is the url : http://www.salesking.com.au/ Hopefully, there are not problems related with technical stuff. Thanks a lot.
  5. I am having few difficulties when using the SSL for my website. The SSL have been bought and installed on the webpage, confirmed with the provider. But, the page won't allow customers to log-in to their account, also for check-out. Shows: 404 Not FoundThe server can not find the requested page: /my-account (port 443) I have put the shop domain and ssl domain on the same URL, turn on the Friendly URL. I assume there are some problem with the http and https problem. Can somebody point out the problem? Thank you.
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