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  1. I have recently purchased this module for a client, and it works well but i have a few questions: 1. When i filter the orders for an entire month by status > Shipped.. this does not update the totals on the bottom of the page to reflect only the orders which have been shipped. Instead, it shows all order totals including orders that were cancelled. Please let me know if this is glitch or if there is something else i need to do!? 2. There are two empty fields above the orders with an 'Update' button on the right side, but they have no title. So i am unsure what they do or how to utilize them properly to filter the results. 3. When i click the Month-1 button at the top of the page, it automatically inputs the dates for the previous month. However, there are 31 days in August, not 30. Thanks in advance!
  2. I've tried a many different ways and can't seem to get the tracking to work, the tracking code i am trying to implement is this: <!-- Offer Conversion: Tracking Pixel 1 --> <iframe src="http://go2ads.com/SM28?amount=AMOUNT" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="1" height="1"></iframe> <!-- // End Offer Conversion --> My ad server instructions say: "Advertiser must place the iFrame conversion tracking pixel below on the confirmation page near the opening body tag. When the pixel is displayed to a user, it records a conversion." Problem is that the prestashop order-confirmation.tpl does not have any body tags.. Also, do i replace AMOUNT with {$total} - and where would i put {$orderId} ? And is it really necessary to install this plugin by presta-dyr if we can simply place the code in order-confirmation.tpl ? Thanks in advance for anyone who provide some insight into this issue for me!
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