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  1. Any update about this? I am also having issues with paypal. My customers are telling me that the checkout process is not always working. The customer is redirected to Paypal's home page... Everything was working fine before and I did not make any changes to my store. The problem appeared a couple of weeks ago. Prestashop : Paypal module : 4.3.2
  2. Hello, My prestashop store is slow. Google Lighthouse says that I need to remove unused CSS. The CSS files are too big to load. I am running prestashop 1.7 with a custom theme. CCC option is activated and CSS files are minified. I tried to open the theme's css file but it doesn't contain every styles the page need, maybe an other css file from prestashop core? Does somebody have a solution to clean the CSS on Prestashop 1.7 ? Thank you!
  3. Hi, I was not able to find a solution for this problem : I would like to display how many items remaining for each combination. When a combination is choosen, I want to see the remaining quantity for that combination. It must refresh with AJAX when we select another combination. I want the quantity to be displayed just above the "Add to cart" button. Please explain how to do this, in details please. Which file to modify, etc. I am not an expert in web designing. Thank you!
  4. Ok, I hope that Prestashop staff is reading this. This is a formal complaint I am writing about the lack of free modules for the 1.7 version of Prestashop. Can you explain why there is no more free modules for 1.7, like shipping modules (UPS, Fedex...) Those modules where free with the 1.6 version. I don't understand why you are not going the freeware route anymore, like it was before you changed for 1.7 You also removed a lot of customizing options in 1.7 I thought that the goal of upgrading your software to a newer version would have mean to add more functionnality, but you did exactly the opposite. I don't know why you did this, but this is very frustrating and I think a lot of Prestashop users are very mad at you. Those décisions you have made will be harmful for your business. You will loose a lot of users who will migrate to another ecommerce solution. I really miss the old Prestashop philosophy, but now it's gone. You still have time to change your destiny before you loose a lot of users.
  5. I would like to get an answer for that question too... Please someone help, thank you!
  6. Can you explain how to download the file ? I don't understand how to download the file from this github page... it's all gibberish to me. Thanks!
  7. You can export all your products to a csv file. Edit the csv and remove the tags. Keep only the product "ID" and "Product Name" columns. Then, import the file back to your shop (import only column "Product Name") IMPORTANT: Make a backup of your shop before doing this!!!
  8. Hi! I need help to make sure that my products ratings will be displayed on Google (with the stars in google search results). I have errors in my code and I need help to modify the product page code. I know how to change the page code but I need to know what modifications to make. I checked one of my product pages with Google test tool : https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/ You can take one of my pages with reviews, like this one : https://voltatek.ca/atmel-avr-arduino/170-attiny85-small-usb-8-bit-20mhz-avr-microcontroller-dev-board-male-plug.html I would be very glad if someone here can help me with this! Thank you! Oliver
  9. No I have not resolved this issue. I'm working on updating to the last version of Prestashop and I will see if that helps. But if someone could help us on the forums it would be great. Oliver
  10. Hello, I have some issues with the paypal USA Canada module. My prestashop version is: Paypal USA Canada version: 1.3.3 When I go on the order details page, I get a lot of display errors from the paypal module. Also, When a client make the payment with paypal, there is an error when he is redirected back on the site and the shopping cart is still full. Please help! Here's is a screenshot of my problem:
  11. Bonjour! Je suis nouveau avec prestashop et j'ai une question pour vous. J'utilises la gestion avancée des stocks et je n'arrive pas à figurer pourquoi les produits affichent en stock sur le front store lorsque je crée une commande fournisseur et que je fixe le statut à "En attente de réception des produits" Mes commandes fournisseurs prennent 3-4 semaines à recevoir alors je ne veux pas que mes produits affiche "en stock" sur le front store. Serait-il possible d'afficher automatiquement le temps estimé pour la réception sur les pages de produits (à partir de mes commandes fournisseur) lorsqu'un produit n'est plus en stock? Comme par exemple sur Amazon ils affichent le délai de livraison pour les produits lorsque ils ne sont pas en stock. Merci pour votre aide! Olivier
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