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  1. my store is in english only, you might have confused with some other website. i have already sent you ftp and backend credentials earlier, kindly use the same.
  2. You can enable test mode from backend, use net banking as payment mode, use randam user id and pasword, youwill be able to test then. Once you done the testing, diable the test mode.
  3. I am facing this problem too. My images in product list in the backend shows question mark and also module images, at list of modules in backedn also has question mark. Please solve this.
  4. Hello Kinro, Since the module is installed, we have not yet received a successful order yet. We receive an order, where payment is made but 1. the status shown as '--' instead of 'Payment Accepted'. 2. Further the order do not contain any product, mailed you the screen shot, we have to find out the product from order 'Source' link from where the customer arrived to our shop. 3. Seller and admin do not receive an email for order I am also emailing you our payment module. Please resolve this on priority.
  5. Hey can u tell how did u highlight the product rating in google webmaster tool
  6. With csv i do not thing it is possible, however with sql query it may be.
  7. We faced the similar problem earlier, it was due to our payment module. Please disable all your custom payment modules and try with prestashop default CoD module.
  8. Hi, i dont think it possible without a module.
  9. Hello El, thanks for guiding me on how to post. Well as many of the thread remains unanswered, it will be great help if mods just post if they require any further info related to the query raised. This will help the newbies to grow. Anyways my problem is solved now, as it was some error in payment module itself.
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