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  1. Hi everybody, I'm having an annoying problem (for clients ) that I can't solve. In the backend, prestashop keeps notifying old orders on the upper bar (screenshot), already seen, shipped, changed status... Any idea why? This started today. Tried with 5 browsers, cleaned cache and cookies but no results. PS version:
  2. Same here, I have english, german and italian, all with the same error: "Error - The language file is missing for: en" Tried to activate _PS_MODE_DEV_, nothing else is shown. Unfortunately, I'm working on a crappy server that doesn't show php errors log. PS and bankwire versions are both the lasts. I also tried with a copy on MAMP, works fine. It seems a server incompatibility/issue to me. Translations are in module directory and in themes->mytheme->modules->bankwire.
  3. I tried on remote server and it wasn't working at all. Then I tried with MAMP, same results. How do you save product thumbnails? JPG? Because I need to save all product pictures in PNG, perhaps is this the problem?
  4. Tried the update to new PS version, still not working. I think that the watermark module is...not the best Prestashop module
  5. On my installation, watermark module is correctly hooked in actionWatermark but, still, not working.
  6. PNG was referred to product images, not the watermark. Sorry, my question wasn't that precise.
  7. Same issue here, PS regenerate all thumbnails but without watermark. Fresh installation, PS version is the last one (installed last week), watermark module is also up to date. Could that happen because I'm using PNGs?
  8. Hi there! I developed a set configurator module for a customer, which allows users to configure their own set with right products (different sizes, different types, etc...). Everything fine: the user completes all steps and then adds automatically all products to cart. Step 9: TPL: {foreach from=$smarty.post.pcs key=product_id item=pieces} <input class="total-prod-pcs" type="hidden" name="pcs" data-prod-id="{$product_id}" data-prod-price="{convertPrice price=$ProductPrice}" value="{$pieces}" id="pcs{$product_id}"> {/foreach} <button type="button" class="add-to-cart-configurator">GO!</button> JAVASCRIPT: $('.add-to-cart-configurator').click(function() { $('.loading-page').show(); $(".total-prod-pcs").each(function(){ var pcs = $(this).val(); var id = $(this).data("prod-id"); var totalprice = $('#totalprice').val(); var fullprice = $('#fullprice').val(); $.get('{/literal}{$link->getPageLink('cart')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}{literal}?add=1&qty=' + pcs + '&id_product=' + id + '&token={/literal}{$token}{literal}'); }).promise().done(function () { window.location.href = '{/literal}{$link->getModuleLink('twconfigurator', 'configurator')}{literal}?step=10&fullp={/literal}{if $smarty.post.fullprice}{$smarty.post.fullprice}{/if}{literal}&discp={/literal}{if $smarty.post.totalprice}{$smarty.post.totalprice}{/if}{literal}'; }); }); Here comes the problem: as my customer requests, ALL customers that buy a complete set (using configurator) become a 10% discount on all inserted products. I tried to add a cart rule to cart to assign a discount. Step 10: TPL <a class="configurator-button-reverse" href="{$link->getModuleLink('twconfigurator', 'discount')}?gill={$cookie->id_cart}"> <i class="fa fa-shopping-cart"></i> {l s='Terminate and go to cart' mod='twconfigurator'} </a> PHP protected function SetCartDiscount($cart) { Db::getInstance()->execute(' INSERT INTO `'._DB_PREFIX_.'cart_cart_rule` (id_cart_rule,id_cart) VALUES (1,'.(int)$cart.') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id_cart_rule = VALUES(id_cart_rule), id_cart = VALUES(id_cart)' ); header('Location: '.$this->context->link->getPageLink('order-opc',false)); } This is not working, in fact every time i click the button nothing happens BUT, if I go back to step 10 and click the button again it works. I tried to remove the header redirect to see how the function affects the database and, until the user will be not redirect to cart, the cart rule is inserted. It seems that the cart doesn't accept the rule. Can you help me with this? How can I fix it? If you have other ideas, you're obviously welcome! Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi there! I have a little problem. I created a new controller to give some support options to customers, like FAQ, product informations, orders history, contacts. On click, will append another controller on the page avoiding page reload. Everything is working fine. All controllers are new controllers created by me, displaying the template without header and footer. The problem is the order history controller, that obviously requests authentication. There's no problem with it, until the user is logged. The problem comes on login request: the auth page is appended with header and footer. How can I display AuthController without header and footer and without creating a new "clone" controller? This is my controller: <?php class OrderInfoControllerCore extends FrontController { public $auth = true; public $php_self = 'orderinfo'; public $authRedirection = 'support'; public $ssl = true; public function setMedia() { parent::setMedia(); $this->addCSS(array( _THEME_CSS_DIR_.'support.css', _THEME_CSS_DIR_.'history.css', _THEME_CSS_DIR_.'addresses.css' )); $this->addJS(array( _THEME_JS_DIR_.'history.js' )); $this->addJqueryPlugin(array('scrollTo', 'footable', 'footable-sort')); } /** * Assign template vars related to page content * @see FrontController::initContent() */ public function initContent() { parent::initContent(); $this->display_header = false; $this->display_footer = false; if ($orders = Order::getCustomerOrders($this->context->customer->id)) { foreach ($orders as &$order) { $myOrder = new Order((int)$order['id_order']); if (Validate::isLoadedObject($myOrder)) { $order['virtual'] = $myOrder->isVirtual(false); } } } $this->context->smarty->assign(array( 'orders' => $orders, 'invoiceAllowed' => (int)Configuration::get('PS_INVOICE'), 'reorderingAllowed' => !(bool)Configuration::get('PS_DISALLOW_HISTORY_REORDERING'), 'slowValidation' => Tools::isSubmit('slowvalidation') )); $this->setTemplate(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'orderinfo.tpl'); } } Can someone help me with this or should I create a new controller? Thanks in advance!
  10. The problem is not really the search, but the words in xx_search_words. As I said, when I rebuild the index, id creates it for shop 1 only. With shop 1 works great! I can't understand why it doesn't build the index for all shops. Anyway, I've looked on search.php again, but I can't see anything that can create this issue...
  11. Hi guys! I'm having an annoying issue with blocksearch and multistore. Everything is running on: PS Version is PHP 5.5.32 MySQL 5.1.73 Blocksearch is up to date The problem is that blocksearch works great on shop 1 only. In every other shops, every search gives no results, with ajax and even with submit. In Settings > Search Indexing is activated Ajax is activated Minimum word length is 3 I tried several times to rebuild the entire index, with all shops and even with every single store. Nothing works. I've looked on database and found something interesting: in table xx_search_word, prestashop inserts words with id_shop 1 only (see screenshot). As you can see in my screenshot, the query is ordered by id_shop DESC. This is definitely the problem, but I can't figure out WHY! Do I forgot any setting? Or should I search for a code issue somewhere? Thanks in advance.
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