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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking for solution for my trouble, please help me. When I click on orders in BO (prestashop, its very long time loading page, and later i can see 504 gateway time -out. I considered wrong in adminordercontroller.php, but I replace it for original and nothing change. I have 400+ order in shop. I replaced table ps_order in my database for table with 20 rows and opening orders in BO was normally. I think wrong is in php script (adminordercontroller maybe), procesing time is very long and hosting is stopping after some time. Hosting is without problems. I am testing copied verion webside on VPN right now, problem is the same. Where I can find solution ?
  2. I found solution in BO > PERFORMANCE > CCC - enable Smart cache for CSS; Smart cache for JavaScript
  3. Default(with some little changes- background ...). Everything was Ok long time, but after import... I have this problem only on Chrome and firefox. Opera and Safari are OK.
  4. Hi, Can someone tell me where I can find problem in my prestashop. After import products with csv files I notice wrongs on my site, in body and footer. Attached attachments. Many thanks for each helping.
  5. I have the nerves at the end but the problem is solved. I havent ended div in header.... all the time I overlooked
  6. I found that my problem is in my modification. In header.tpl <!-- Center --> <div id="center_column" class=" {if $page_name =='index'}grid_5 {else}grid_7 omega{/if}" why is this incorrect? I need grid7 for products list grid view my footer.tpl: <!-- Right -->{if $page_name =='index'} <div id="right_column" class="column grid_2 omega"> {$HOOK_RIGHT_COLUMN} </div> </div> {/if} Can give me advice for :right column only on home page...center column for home grid5 and for other grid7
  7. thanks vekia I appreciate your willingness . yes I needed changed the width of the screen, but I do not remember how, probably by: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/268832-remove-right-column-during-the-5-order-steps-of-the-cart/ but problem is also in detail product and in wishlist...this are different files I dont know where can it can be. I changed also detail product can be mistake there?
  8. Hello Can someone help me please? I finishing up customizing my prestashop default theme(often use tutorials from mypresta.eu) and I was almost finished, but an error has occurred. I dont know where and how search this problem on google , I dont know where search this problem on my webside-which file is it. please help me. thanks http://dspsport.sk ! CHECK PHOTOS !
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