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  1. Hi, I'm looking for ONE SINGLE product, not duplicate it half a dozen time. Please help me in that matter only, custom built? special magical module? HELP!
  2. Hi, I'm looing to know if I i will use Pretashop or not for my ecommerce and it seems it only comes down to this question: Can I have a product with different prices when it's in different categories? For exemple: Product Napkin12 is 10$ when it's in the category Paper Product Napkin12 is 12$ when it's in the category Paper / Custom Napkins Product Napkin12 is 20$ when it's in the category Paper / Custom Napkins / Double Layer Product Napkin12 is 25$ when it's in the category After Market Please help me anybody! I speak English, french, spanish, please fell free to write your answer in any language.
  3. He probably means after entering your information, right under the field that is missing the info in the form.
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