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  1. Hi Developers, Is there any filter module available in prestashop which filters 'AREA' based on the ZIP/PIN code entered by the user when the home page loads up. If yes then kindly guide me through that and if no then what will be the estimated price to build a filter module based on the mentioned above. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I am trying to install prestashop into my godaddy linux hosting server.While installing "Install Addon Module", I am facing an error and installation is abrupted in around 78%. Have tried several fresh install of prestashop and dropping database tables during the installation. But still no luck. Don't know what is the reason behind this. Any suggestion guys. Thanks Josh
  3. Hi, Interested devs, please drop a mail to [email protected] with your skype id so that I can contact you. Thanks
  4. Hi Devs, I am looking for a prestashop module developer who can build custom module for my prestashop store 1.6.x.x. If anyone is interested, reply here or pm me with your skype id so that we can discuss about that. Thanks Deb
  5. Hi Developers, Need some help regarding the following points : 1. Is there any way I can remove/hide the "quantity" displayed in the final shopping cart summary as well as from the pop-up which gets displayed after I press add-to-cart from product page. If yes, then can you show me the correct way of doing it. 2. In the pop-up(which comes after clicking on add-to-cart), I don't want shipping. How do I remove it ? Lastly, in shopping-cart, I want to remove the "Unit Price" as it does not fit my requirements. To be very precise, I want only 3 fields (Product, Description and Total) to be displayed on the shopping cart summary page as well as on the pop-up box which gets displayed when someone clicks add-to-cart button on the product page. It will be very helpful if someone can give me some advice regarding that Thanks
  6. Ok I have read the Prestashop documentation for Multistore and got the idea about that. So, If I enable multistore and set up 2 stores in 2 different domains, does that mean I have to purchase the specified theme 2 times or I can just buy it once and implement it into 2 different domains using MULTISTORE. Thanks
  7. @Vekia Can You please tell me a little bit more about that (MULTISTORE). As I am buying these two domains (.com and .in) domain from web hosting provider. The reason for buying 2 domain is to provide country specific currencies for end users convenience.In this case, can I buy this theme only once which I have mentioned earlier and implement it to two domains or I have to buy it 2 times to implement it to 2 separate domains. I don't understand their Regular License policy. It will be a great help if you can suggest me in this. Thanks
  8. Hi developers, I am not sure whether this the correct place to ask this but here is my question : I want to purchase this theme from this site http://themeforest.net/item/responsive-supermarket-prestashop-theme-gomarket/5299356 I need some suggestion regarding the LICENSE of using this theme in my store. I have contacted the support team regarding the query 3 days ago but still not got any response from them. I want to use this theme for two domain (.com and .in) so in that case do I need to buy this theme 2 times or I can just purchase this theme only once and implement it at 2 sites. As I am not a freelancer and will not redistribute it to any client. I am a web developer building my own site, Any help would be appreciated
  9. Hi Developers, I have the latest version of prestashop (1.5.6). I want to add an extra tab in the menu bar. The reason for this is I want to link the tab to any external page (outside of prestashop store, generally a hyperlink type of thing, which means upon clicking the "tab", Users are redirected to external page or website). Is there anyway I can achieve this. Any help... ?
  10. Thanks Vekia for your support. I have followed the procedure and solved it. Now, one more question, How do I remove the SHIPPING ADDRESS Field from customer Checkout page and if I want to add a new tab under a product , for example, PRODUCT DESCRIPTION etc, How can I add that ? Thanks
  11. Hi Developers, I have downloaded the new prestashop 1.5.6 version and set it up with wamp server. I want to add some custom select box in product checkout page. What do I mean by that is user can select color, quantity etc of a particular product when they are adding the product to ADD TO CART and the selection made by the user on a particular product should be displayed on the final checkout page. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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