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  1. Any help here is much appreciated. I guess we need to change css @media, but i am not aware where exactly the changes to be done. Please help me here.
  2. Hi All, I am looking for help in changing Admin Orders Table Layout in mobile view. Currently in Prestashop Admin Order layout is updated. Request you to help me with the changes needed. Please see the attached screenshot for what is i am looking for.
  3. @tdr170: Need a help, i am trying to apply a cart rule 1. Condition - Selected a specific Product 2. Actions: - Apply a discount - Amount Apply discount to - Specific Product Unfortunately, discount is applied to entire cart when cart contains additional products along with specified product.
  4. Hello All, We are looking for a module which achieves below requirements: 1. When User access our URL, he is presented with a popup to choose City from list of available cities. 2. Store user selected City and Show the store/Products available only for selected City. 3. Each city should have a different store front - Products available for each city and price may varry 4. User should have an option to change city at any point. let me know if you have any queries.
  5. Hey.. That's right. This site is for India and we have one seller. Can you give me URL of site which you done modification? I would need it. Can you send me quick estimate and time frame. Regards Goutham
  6. Hello All, We are looking for a module or customisation to Presatshop Onlien Grocery Store, which will cater below functionalities: REQUIREMENT: 1. User Should be presented with an Option to Choose CITY or ZIP CODE for the first time when they access my shop 2. Once the user select the City Or ZIP Code, Store webfront specific to Particluar City or Pin code should be visible 3. Only Products available to Speciffied City or ZIP code should be Available to order for the customer 4. Administartion: We should be able to setup Products with city or ZIP and Price and other attributes to be created differently for each city. REFERENCE WEBSITE (EXAMPLE SITE): www bigbasket com
  7. Hi We are looking for android app development for prestashop Please PM me if you have exp or interested in taking up this job with quotes
  8. We are looking for customised email template as per the theme. Please reach out to me and we shall discuss further. Prestashop 1.6 Customised email template creation required
  9. Need help in understanding where we define overide path in a module.. I am getting below error message. The following module(s) were not installed properly: onestepcheckout : Unable to install override: directory (C:\xampp\htdocs\zopbazaar\override\override/controllers/front) not writable I see error in the path, please help me
  10. HI ALL, I AM TRYING TO INSTALL CASH ON DELIVERY ON MY SHOP, BUT I GET BELOW MESSAGE. "mODULE NOT INSTALLED PROPERLY" WHEN I TURNED ON ERROR REPORTING. I FOUND BELOW PrestaShopDatabaseException] Duplicate entry '112-1-1' for key 'PRIMARY' INSERT INTO `ez_module_currency` (`id_module`, `id_shop`, `id_currency`) SELECT 112, "1", `id_currency` FROM `ez_currency` WHERE deleted = 0 NEED URGENT job done
  11. 51 views!! Please help me.. My store is struck!! I do not want to put my website down. Help needed
  12. Thanks EI, I did follow your step, But no luck. Still i see this error when Error reporting turned oN Duplicate entry '112-1-1' for key 'PRIMARY' INSERT INTO `ez_module_currency` (`id_module`, `id_shop`, `id_currency`) SELECT 112, "1", `id_currency` FROM `ez_currency` WHERE deleted = 0 This happens only COD and COD related modules. Is it something to do with "Auto_Incriment" of ez_module_currency table? I did try droping table and creating it again. No luck.
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