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  1. Hi solvers, I have problem with putting a "Print button" on my CMS-pages. I get the error Property CMS->content is not valid at line 878 in file classes/ObjectModel.php and at line 878 it says, 877. throw new PrestaShopException($message); 878. return $error_return ? $message : false; Funny thing is that, if I try it before saving, it works fine, but then, when I save the code I get the message. The code I use is very simple. <form> Some text ...... <input type="button" id='winBtn' value="Print" onclick="window.print()"> </form> I use Prestashop version: And yes I have click "Accept Iframes". Anyone who have a solution on this?
  2. Hi there, I have a CMS problem regarding images. I am using PS and are using it local with easyPHP. If i create a CMS-page and like to put an image on it, I click on insert image and go to "upload image". I upload and the photo is uploaded to the prestashop/img/cms folder (I have looked it is there :-) ). Then in the next screen, I can see the images name and if I click on the small icon beside I can preview the image. I mark the image and in the information block I can read some facts about the image and that it is readable and writable. I then click on "Select" and in the next page I can read the image address (I beleive it is here the problem is) I can not preview the image and if I go further, the image will not be displayed. I have tried to remove http://, it did not help. I also tried with removing, did not help. So what to do. I also have a very strange problem on the product page. When adding a new one I could not name it with some letters in the beginning, c for instance. The product then does not show up on the Front-office. I have to work me around this by giving it another name (not starting with c or k ...) and then save it look on it in Front-office and then I can go bac and rename it to its real name. But my big issue at the moment is the image problem. /palle
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