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  1. It is what I had done, is possible that problem is with query cache? when I click SAVE/Save and Stay prestashop run query and update field but editor page product refresh get fields data from old query with old strings?
  2. thank you hellykun, I changed the file, now seems that works and not redirect to products list page after save and stay but I have still a problem with saving data, for example if click "Save and stay" or click "Save" short description field text not saved seems that this problem appeared after the modification of the file
  3. I have a problem with product editor, sometimes if I click on "Save and Stay" the BO not save updated and redirect to Products page list, If I click on "Save to Stay" before that Spinning logo stopped any updated data saved
  4. ver in the theme is simple print the var without other actions <div id="idTab4_8" class="fmeTabsClass block_hidden_only_for_screen">{$productcare}<br /> you can see backend screenshot confirm code html
  5. I use a easy module for add custom field tab in product, the problem is that field in mysql contain html but in theme file the html is stripped, this is code that get field value public function hookProductTabContent($params) { global $smarty; $id_product = (int)Tools::getValue('id_product'); $id_lang = Context::getContext()->language->id; //Transfer the new tab content into template via smatry //( it is optional as far as the content can be assigned directly in the template) $result = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS('SELECT custom_field, id_lang FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'product_lang WHERE id_lang= '.$id_lang.' AND id_product = ' . (int)$id_product); if(!$result) return array(); foreach ($result as $field) { $content = $field['custom_field']; break; } $smarty->assign('productcare', $content); // Call the template containing the HTML-code of our new tab content: //return $this->display(__FILE__ , 'tpl/productTabContent.tpl'); }
  6. credo di aver risolto, probabilmente il tema è un po vecchio e andava sostituita questa riga nel file /miotema/product.tpl var group_reduction = '{$group_reduction}'; con var group_reduction = '{1-$group_reduction}';
  7. mica per caso devo inserire anche una regola nei PREZZI SPECIFICI della tab PREZZI ?
  8. Queste sono le impostazioni che ho per la combinazione
  9. Ho impostato alcune combinazioni per un prodotto, per gestire le diverse colorazioni con immagini diverse, però ho riscontrato un problema, in pratica al primo caricamento la pagina visualizza i dati principali mentre quando clicco su uno delle icone delle combinazioni il prezzo mi viene impostato a 0 €, l'inserimento nel carrello funziona bene e il prezzo principale viene passato, è solo un problema estetico, vorrei che cliccando sulle combinazioni rimanga il prezzo principale e non 0
  10. I have same problem with IE11, without ajax cart work but if clean cookie and enable ajax cart it not work, debugger not return errors PS
  11. I created app on developers.paypal.com, added App return URL (test & live) with "/modules/paypal/paypal_login/paypal_login_token.php?authentication" but when I try popup for login return a blank page with this url www.mydomain.com/modules/paypal/paypal_login/paypal_login_token.php?authentication&error_uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mydomain.com%2Fmodules%2Fpaypal%2Fpaypal_login%2Fpaypal_login_token.php%3Fauthentication&error_description=Client+Validation+Error%3A+Invalid+scope.&error=invalid_scope I use PS 1.6.x
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