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  1. <?php class AdminTablerateController extends AdminController { public function __construct() { parent::__construct(); return ; } } ?> Here the simple code of my controller. No, I have not created any menu . Yes , I have stored the class_index.php.
  2. Hi I have created admin controller using a module in controllers/admin. While accessing this controller getting an error of access denied.
  3. Hi afshop Just add the value type in enum of 'group_type' of 'PS_Attribute_Group' table and then add same value in your AdminAttributesGroupsController in admin controllers in renderForm(). After that go to your product.tpl file in your themes and add after line 328 this html for that.
  4. nope for bootstrap I mean the file with same name as module name. Sorry but i changed my strategy. But for future scope also I just want to know that If i certain file only using ajax then it gives me the above error..
  5. actually i m calling this file using ajax from tpl file. And i want to apply Sql query to fetch data, but when i m using Db::method ; then it showing the fatal error that this Db file doesnt exist in this context. How to implement this? I m using 1.5
  6. I have got an error while extending the Object Class in module file other than bootstrap file? how to extend it? I m calling this file using ajax and this returning an error "Class not found in this file".
  7. got the answer just go to database and add to table attribute_group column group_type (enum) your type id
  8. The option is being displayed in the option list, but not working. If I changes the id of radio , then also it is being not reflected in table attribute_group. I can change its look out and action in front end but I m curious to know I can add new option at back end. I want to add button like colors containing values.
  9. i want to add new option in the "attribute type" in Attributes and Values. not want to add values for attributes
  10. look in add attribute and values there is attribute type.
  11. How to add a new attribute type? I have displayed it on back end but it is not working. Help
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