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  1. Yep me too tried similar solution to restore back my back office. got my backoffice with non-updated module.
  2. Hi there, Me too just had same problem with same one time error while upgrading a module. Anyone had this problem and came out of it, please reply. Thanks
  3. Hi, Thanks for the detailed info for this. I followed instructions and did everything exactly. I even get the desired results but the problem is : "Whatever I write in the new generated extratab, can't be saved." I have added code block to information.tpl, product.php, modified my theme product.tpl file and added new extratab field to ps_product_lang table. All's working well as I tried a manual entry in DB and it's working very nice. But I can't save the entered text in the extratab from admin panel. It says updated successfully but nothing get saved. Thanks....
  4. Hello Cotoko, Thanks for the module but I have already seen it. I just want to create a freebie as I feel there's no free module available like this and even a little may help those who need it. I'm sure a lot of people need anything like this. But anyways, your module is really awesome as I have seen it in action.
  5. Yes, you are absolutely correct. The newer prestashop version will overwrite if I change the original core module-files etc. And that's why I only want to use an instance or "make a placeholder" for original newsletter module so that, my module works in conjunction with original module and admin can manage subscribers at one place. My module will be installed separately and will just have a checkbox option whether to include newsletter option in popup. If it is checked, the module will see original module with the theme styling in the popup. Just the placeholder will be enabled-disabled by the option. Please suggest if this makes any sense. Else, I have to provide backoffice funtionality to export the subscribers through pop up separately (considering, original module updated and no longer support the mysql tables and my module just created a separate newsletter module entries in database).
  6. Hi swcoins, Thanks for your valuable suggestion. Yes this sounds quite meaningful. But Before I try that, Is there anyway to reuse the default newsletter module just by calling it in my module (without re-writing the module). Something like obtaining the output of newsletter module and put it into pop up. May be this way I can see results quickly?? Besides, your suggestion will make it independent pro module. I'll definitely definitely try that.
  7. Hi there, I'm almost a newbie in prestashop development. So, for learning purpose and giving away, I'm trying to embed the default newsletter module in a pop up. I have developed a simple html pop up box so far but really have no idea on how can I use newsletter module with it. Any suggestion would be helpful guys :-) Thanks in advance. Vipin
  8. These were the most possible reasons for error of this kind. To check specific error details, Log into your hosting admin dashboard, control panel, SSH, or FTP client. Navigate to the PrestaShop 1.5 root folder. From there, navigate the path /config/defines.inc.php Open up the defines.inc.php file in your preferred text editor. Find the line of code that reads "define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false);" This is line 39 by default as of PrestaShop 1.5.6 Change it to read "define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);" Save the config.inc.php file back to the path, overwriting the existing file if needed. NOTE: Be sure to turn it back off once you do not need it, this is for troubleshooting only!
  9. Have you set permissions recursive? It seems prestashop can't write images to your directory. check and ensure the atleast 755 permission specifically for img/p directory. I would suggest to set recursive 755, same will be set to all inner directories as well.
  10. As Suggested to me by @Nemo: There is a chance 777 is too high, can you try with 755? Also check you server settings for max execution time. There's a chance too.
  11. Hey Guys, I just figured out my solution. There were some php.ini settings which were disturbing execution although it was strange to see as I can upload bigger images on banners etc. Anyways, I just figured out the solution. For anyone seeing same error in image upload, please be sure to check your php.ini settings to allow uploads, max executions timings etc. I found help on this link: http://www.prestatraining.com/12-tips-to-optimise-your-php-ini-file-for-prestashop/ After that you should check your directory permission settings to be 755 or 777. Also, go to preferences, images, and check the maximum product image allowed size Thanks tommy01 & nemo. You guys really helped. thank you so much
  12. I guess I now get the exact thing which is happening here with me. I'm looking around for any probable solutions to my problems and now realized that it is a image resolution problem. Yes, I have realized that I can upload a maximum of 900x1200 resolution of images regardless of size... But I seriously need to upload much higher resolution. Can anyone please help me with this?? How can I make prestashop accept higher resolution images...my main target is 920x1380 image size. If anyone have any suggestions, that will be helpful. Reply soon!
  13. Hi tommy01 thanks for the update. I tried updating my prestashop too. It didn't upgrade, stuck in middle with some ajax error. So I tried fresh installation of version, now I can upload upto 350kb but not more than that. Also, now I see an "undefined" error while uploading images of size more than 350kb. Anyone got update??? Thanks
  14. Hi, I couldn't find the solution yet. So I decided to do it all again. In the meanwhile I found out another issue with my prestashop i.e. I can't delete products as well. Everytime I try to delete any product, I sees an error "An error occurred while deleting this selection." It is getting interesting now. I'm just giving one more try with another installation. Although my previous installation completed quite undisturbed. If anyone has any suggestions for me, please rply. Thanks
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