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  1. As far as I know - this is the PS core feature and can't be changed in an easy way. In PS 1.7 product urls have products attributes added: will look like site/2-9-brown-bear-printed-sweater.html instead of site/2-bear-printed-sweater.html This "novelty" was pretty much discussed on this forum, try to search for it.
  2. Hi to everyone! I'm thinking of removing / hiding my store email address from the PrestaShop 1.7 front office, from Store Information module. How can I do it in the best way? My aim is to hide my email from spamming bots. Especially if my customers will receive store emails from this email address, and probably respond to it. Have no idea why PS developer team does not allow to hide or do not show my store email. I understand that in some countries this could be some sort of legislation requirement, but PS is an international CMS and such option should be included, IMHO. Any ideas or recommendations are welcomed.
  3. And more precise? ­čśë Still cannot find any setting to hide the email.
  4. Hi, How you've done it? Changes to the file or through the back office?
  5. Hi, having similar error, but in my case the FO redirects to https//site, without ":". BO works fine. This issue affects only FO. Starts to appear when I change site url to https address. Any ideas?
  6. Hi, Are there any options to change the username on the forum? As there is no such option in profile settings. Thanks in advance!
  7. Try to delete the module and also delete the folder from your FTP. Then download the module, copy it to your modules folder of the website and reinstall it again from the back office. Have you tried this?
  8. Hi, Try to enter "Expert mode" section of the autoupdater and in the "Channel" selection pick "Minor release". This should work.
  9. Just edit the permissions for the file - like allow editing / writing / reading to yourself. I'm not sure how to do it from some FTP software. But each hoster has online web-based FTP access. Just locate your file there and click "edit permissions" or "permissions" button (may be through right click).
  10. Hi, For those, who could encounter Internal server error 500 during the installation of PrestaShop 1.7.0.x A small solution, that was discovered recently on some hosting providers. When you try to install your Prestashop ver.1.7 you receive the 500 internal server error. If it is not connected with php zip extension, then it is error with file permissions. Open your FTP account and locate the index.php file from your installation (after you have unpacked the downloaded archive). Change the permissions for this file: deactivate permissions from "all users" to "yourself" and activate "execution". And that's all. Your installation will start after this small change. Hope this will help for someone )
  11. Not sure about the first one, but short_open_tag can be deactivated in your PHP setting of your hosting.
  12. Hi, Try to copy your languages from /translations/language folder of the backup version to the updated version. There is some bug with localization files, so I hope this will help in your case. I had the same problem and this solution worked fine.
  13. Using the opportunity, I would like to ask: what is the best way to migrate all the data from 1.6 to 1.7? Preferably with built-in / free tools. Thanks!
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