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  1. Hi all, Hope everyones well. I have ana issue that i have a product with multiple pack sizes, lets say sweets as a simple example.. 10 x sweets - £1.00 20 x Sweets - £1.50 30 x sweets - £2.00 The issue i have is when people go into the category, they just see the product is "Sweets" with a add button and would add to cart, however they would never know that if they clicked the item they could have more options / get a better price. on the Demo Prestashop site there is an item in "Dress's" called Printed Dress and this instead of having a buy button had some text saying - Product available with different options My question is, how do i get this message to come up? so the customer must click on the item / choose the combination before they can add to cart? Ive added an image of my item screen should it help Thank you in advance. Scott
  2. Hi all, wondering if someone would help me here. on the products screen (Catalog > Products) by default as you know it only shows stock, prices, images etc. is it possible to see the weight also with a little code change? IE i can see on the same screen that i see all my products i can also see the weight as at present i have to keep going into item by item to check i have 1) added a weight and 2) what that weight is... its taking me forever this way. i do not wish to edit the weight from the products list screen just simply view it. I'm happy to even loose the Reference list if i need to make room. Thank you. Scott
  3. Hi all, Hope your well! I was wondering if you can help. I have just took over a business and had a company upgrade the prestashop site we brought from 1.3 to the latest version. however in doing so the old old mailing list / newsletter module died. i dont really want to pay the £60+ for a new one however noticed i can export the CSV of contacts using the mailing list module. What sites can i use this in or apps? i tried mailchimp and it doesnt read teh CSV and gived me some random syntax errors on there site... All i basically want to do is email customers once a month with offers etc nothing too fancy. any info on the best way to do this would be great or suguestions on what sites to use or if i do have to use a module whats best from a simple use point of view Thank you Scott
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